Sri Lanka – Discover The Sacred City of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and It’s Places of Interest

Anuradhapura is one of the ancient places in Sri Lanka and is considered to be a sacred place for the Sri Lankan. Found here are the ruins of the ancient Lankan civilization that is now a UNESCO World heritage Site. It lies 205 kilometers north of Colombo. This huge location is a place to find the most well known historical finds in the country having the oldest ruins with it’s ancient architecture and designs that were built by the oldest well known people of the past.

The city is well known for its complex irrigation systems that were of the ancient world that still remains today. There are ruins of three kinds of ancient buildings that are the dagobas, that are Spartan-like featured and the pokunas. The most famous among these buildings is the ruins of the Brazen Palace which is built by King Dutugamunu way back in 164 B.C. These buildings are the main attractions in the place and have captivated thousands of tourists from around the world. Everyone is just amused with the useful and innovative engineering techniques that the ancient people had made during their time. It must have taken them long moments of thinking and examining the plans for the irrigation to work.

This is very ideal place for everyone to visit for them to have a knowledge and briefing about the history of Sri Lanka. This will be a very fun and educational trip for everyone and will make them learn the things that makes Sri Lanka a well known place around the world. The kids can use these information and knowledge for their school lessons.

This well-preserved ancient site in Sri Lanka and a very sacred place has swarmed lots of tourists coming from different parts of the globe to have a chance in exploring how the Sri Lankan civilization has started.

Visit here whenever you have the chance of traveling to Sri Lanka and the rest of amazing experiences will be yours to have. This beautiful country is a very astounding place to be to have a glimpse and idea of the true Sri Lankan community. A field trip to this picture perfect location will capture every wondering eyes and will truly satisfy each curious minds of how this wonderful place became very well known around the globe.