Just 2 Reasons Why Women Prefer Bigger Penises

It is everywhere now, more and more women have begun to voice out their preference for a bigger penis. We do not need any survey or research to tell us that women love it big. They have always loved it being bigger they just could not say it. But which size do we say is actually big. Well in case you do not know any penis above 71/2 inches in length and 6 inches in girth is considered big by almost all women. Does that sound too big? No it doesn’t. What most women would consider as the perfect size is actually 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth.

With these preference for massive male “sex organs”, I think it is understandable why a lot of men feel insecure about their small or average penile size. But what exactly are the reasons why a woman would prefer a bigger penis to a small or an averaged sized one? The next two paragraphs should answer that question

Reason 1: Women find an erect big penis as being much sexier than an erect small one. If you are well endowed then you would have definitely witnessed the excitement and anticipation most women feel when having sex with a man a big “sexual member”. The excitement and anticipation all contribute in making a woman open to orgasms.

Reason 2: As you know women take longer time in reaching orgasms than men. A long, thick and muscular looking penis is the right tool for the job in giving women the orgasms they usually fake. A big penis reaches deep into the vagina and expands the vagina giving a woman that feeling of fullness and the friction during sex and ensures that all the pleasure centers around her vagina are well stimulated. This ensures that she experiences more powerful orgasms than when stimulated with a small or an average sized male “sex organ”.

By now I am pretty sure that you can understand why women tend to prefer bigger penises. But do you know you can increase the size of your “sexual member” without having to undergo a painful and expensive surgery operation? You may ask how? By engaging in penis enlargement exercises and taking a herbal penis enhancement pill. The exercises force more blood into your genitals ensuring that the penile tissues are stretched and expanded. During rest days, these tissues re-grow into larger sizes; this would be seen in the increase in girth and length of your “sexual member”. The pills aid in penis growth, heal worn out tissues and stimulate blood flow into the genital region. All these ensure that your “sex organ” grows into a bigger size.