5 Ways Dodge Diesel Trucks Inspire Loyalty

Whether it’s a Ram 2500 or 3500 in the driveway, if it runs on diesel you already know you’re in it for the long haul. There’s no doubt that Dodge fans are loyal and take their relationship with their truck, and their brand, seriously. But what is it about a Dodge diesel that makes you tie that proverbial knot without a second thought?

It’s kind of like finding “the one”-actually, it’s exactly like that. When you know, you just know. Maybe you haven’t taken the time to write a love letter to your rig detailing what makes it so special, but there are a few things Dodge trucks have (or do) that have a knack for inspiring so much loyalty. How do you love thee? Start counting the many ways.

1. More power

You’re not the type to buy a truck to keep it parked in the suburbs, only taking it to the mall and the grocery store. Dodge diesel trucks have more power than other trucks, making those big hauls with no struggle at all. It doesn’t just matter how much you can haul, but how easily the job is done. From lumber to snowmobiles, these truck owners never have to worry about pathetic noises coming from under the hood.

2. They last forever

Sure, Dodges have great re-sell value, but that doesn’t really matter to you since you know it’ll last forever and you’ve become a little attached. These trucks are notoriously easy when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. In turn, you might rebuff your go-to mechanic a bit, but he’ll get over it. After all, he’ll be kept busy with all those other trucks in need of constant TLC.

3. Built to withstand just about anything

Dodge diesel trucks are incredibly strong, and some owners report accidentally hitting fully grown deer with nothing more than minor dings to show for it. This is another must for those who count on their trucks daily, or even the weekend warrior crowd. Dodges are a lot more than a pretty frame.

4. That fully boxed frame

Not all trucks come with a fully boxed frame, and that’s kind of like buying a house with only part of the foundation completed. You can carry more, and your rig is sturdier. Unlike some other trucks that are better left unmentioned, you don’t have to choose between hauling the jet skis or the kayaks. You can easily do both.

5. They’re show stoppers

Yes, Dodge trucks are built to last and they’re tougher than anything else on the road, but there’s still something to be said for looking good. Maybe you’ve already become used to those appreciative glances on the road-and those envious stares from drivers in other trucks.

It’s no wonder a piece of your heart will always belong to your Dodge. They’ll never lose their looks, they’re always there for you and they’re up for anything you have planned. Now if only finding the perfect match were as easy in all aspects of life.