How to Fix Windows XP Not Responding

Many users encounter Windows XP not responding while working on their computer. Normally, this happens when suddenly the system stops and becomes unresponsive. But this problem is not as difficult to troubleshoot and fix as it seem. This article will assist you to fix Windows XP not responding PC issue. Nowadays, there are several recent versions of Windows operating system available but Windows XP remains to be used by a lot of computer users.

In the event that the operating system is unable to open the files and settings needed for the PC to operate, Windows XP stops responding. Eventually, the computer screen stops to respond and the notification ‘Not Responding’ appears. The primary factors that cause this problem are corrupted registry files and accumulated redundant files in the computer system.

A corrupted or loaded registry can cause Windows XP to stop responding. Over time, the registry accumulates entries or files with regular use of the computer. This causes various problems and if this is not fixed, it may cause your computer to crash down.

Every time you boot up the computer, the registry is being utilized. It stores the settings and configurations needed for any program to operate. Entries are made in the registry along with the installation of a software program. If any software has been uninstalled, the entries will be left behind which has to be removed immediately or else, these remaining entries accumulate and eventually make your operating system stop responding.

In order to successfully delete corrupted registry files, you have to utilize a registry clean up software program that will search and remove all the corrupted and faulty files. It will automatically and accurately scan and delete them from your system registry. Certainly, you want your Windows XP operating system to work at top speed just like it used to when the computer was still new. So you need to download a registry cleaner so that errors will be checked on a regular basis. This will also help prevent Windows XP not responding issue.

You can also attempt to delete corrupted registry files manually, but it is only recommended if you have the necessary skills and knowledge to do this. Use a registry cleaner software program instead to fix your Windows XP problem. Such software is safe and effective to scan and eliminate loaded and corrupted registry files.

A responsive and clean computer is a desirable and important tool. However, much like any other defective tool it is useless when it cannot do what you expect it to perform. A Windows XP not responding is next to useless. That is the reason why it is necessary for the system registry to be clean. Make sure you download a reliable registry cleaner software program to keep your Windows XP running smoothly.