Top 7 Ideas For Blues Clues Party Supplies, Games and Decor

1.  Have a Blue’s Clues treasure hunt. Write down clues on blue paw prints and hide them all over your party room (or the entire house).  Give each guest (or small groups) a paw print with a clue on it to begin. The kids will read or listen to the clue and then go look for the first paw print. When they find the paw print, they can read the clue on the back of it. You can hide about 5-10 paw prints for the kids to find. Then, one paw print will lead them to the treasure. The treasure can be some fun tattoos.

2.  For some perfect decorations, use theme balloons and then draw and cut out all of Blue’s friends out of construction paper. (Like Pail out of red construction paper and Shovel out of yellow paper etc…) You can also cut out large blue paw prints and hang them on the walls and ceiling.

3.  If the kids are eating lunch at your party, serve them lemonade, dyed blue; cookies cut out in the shape of paw prints and frosted with blue icing, and “blue fruit”: blueberries, plums, etc.  (You can also serve any other food you can dye blue).

4. For the cake, make a vanilla cake and frost it with white icing. Then, with blue icing, frost the shape of the famous puppy’s face or maybe a paw print onto the cake. You can also buy cupcakes with blue icing on them.

5. Play “Blue’s Clues Jeopardy.” Cut out several medium-sized squares out of blue construction paper. Then, write a question about anything on the TV show on the back. Then, label the easiest questions 100, the next easiest 200, the next ones 300 all the way up to the hardest questions which you can label 500. Then, on the wall or on a big piece of card board, line up all the 100’s on the first row, then the 200’s and the 300’s all the way up to the 500’s. You should then have 5 rows. When you are ready to play, have all the kids split up into equal team. Then, let the first team pick a question. You will read them the question and if they answer it correctly, they get how ever many points the card says. If they pick a 100 question card they get 100, 200, etc. points. But if that team gets it wrong, whatever other team raises their hand first, gets to try to answer the question. Then if that team gets it right, they get the points. For a prize for the winning team, you can give them Blues Clues Mini dots.

6.  Before the kids leave the party, give them each a party bag full of party favors and treats. You can fill the party bags with Mini Dots,  Tattoos, Dum Dum lollipops, and some K-9 candy.

7.  For thank-you cards, fold a piece of blue construction paper in half, and then cut out a paw print. On the inside you or your child can write a thank you note to everyone who came or helped out with the party.