Dangerous and Deadly Foods

There are so many manufactured foods on the market today and a lot of them are considered dangerous or have additive or preservative which are cancer causing agents.

There should be more alerts and a greater concern about what we are eating and feeding our family.

The following is a list of foods or additives which are dangerous or deadly.

Hot Dogs and Processed Meats – have chemical preservative which increase cancer risks.

Prepared Baby Food – traces of Pesticides have been found in jars of baby foods. Concern about the chemical, semicarbazide, a sealant used on the jars, this product is carcinogenic and it can seep into the food. Most jar sizes are large so the amount ingested is apparently not harmful. Baby jars, are smaller the amount is greater per volume and therefore percentage level is higher.

Babies should only have natural grown, pesticide free food. Make your own baby food. Note when cooking and preparing the food, do not add salt, babies do not need sodium, it is too hard for there body to break down.

Rice – is used for baby food as it has a very low allergy risk.
The way it grows, can absorb contaminates from the ground so it really needs to be properly rinsed prior to cooking.

Pancake, Brownie & Cake Mix – a mould can grow in old mix, and then if consumed, can be extremely dangerous, even deadly.

Milk – To increase production some farmers give their cows Growth Hormones. Taken in large doses these can have an adverse effect on your body and development.

Hydrogenate Oil – It’s a hard oil, used in margarine to stabilize it, so it does not melt down into a liquid as quickly as butter. The process used to make hydrogenated vegetable oil (or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil) creates Trans fats, which promote heart disease and diabetes. Its used in many foods, not just margarine.

Fat/Avacado Free Guacamole – avocados are high in fat and expensive, so manufacturers are now substituting their dips with hydrogenate oil, yellow and blue food colouring, flavouring for the Avacado.

Artificial Crab Meat – exactly that – consists of beef plasma – when blood is spun down the red blood cells clump together and are removed, leaving a clear liquid. This is plasma which is then mixed with fish and artificial colour.

Raw Eggs – the bacteria in raw eggs can cause food poisoning. It can also be contaminated with salmonella, a food-borne illness that can prove fatal if untreated.
Cooking destroys the bacteria. Eating raw eggs is not recommended while pregnant nor to be given to babies. Before eating/ordering that the Cesar Salad, make sure the dressing is not made with raw eggs. Some tonics and protein drinks add raw eggs

Shellfish – have bacteria, as bacteria exists naturally in the sea. While cooking destroys these bacteria, eating raw shellfish can lead to diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting. People most susceptible are diabetics, cancer sufferers and people with liver disease or immune disorders. Some severe cases can lead to death.

Strawberries – Many farmers use pesticides. Check the country of origin, as some are higher than others.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – MSG is used as a flavor enhancer in many packaged foods, including soups, salad dressings, sausages, hot dogs, canned tuna, potato chips, instant noodles and many more. MSG can lead to intolerance and allergic reactions such as severe headaches (migraines), nausea, drowsiness, heart palpitations, asthma, and anaphylactic shock.

Aspartame – This artificial sweetener is found in Equal and NutraSweet, diet sodas and other low-cal foods. This sweetener has been found to cause brain tumors in rats as far back as the 1970’s.
However a more recent study in 2005, found that even small doses increase the incidence of lymphomas and leukemia in rats, along with brain tumors.
Aspartame is made of 3 components, 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). In the body methanol breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid.

Wild Mushrooms – be extremely careful if you tend to go wild mushroom hunting in your local wooded area. A few common species of mushrooms are poisonous … deadly. If unsure, eat mushrooms you’ve purchased from a grocery store.

Rare Hamburger – Hamburger and other ground meat should be fully cooked to prevent E. coli, which can cause severe illness even death.

Mouldy Peanuts – Aflatoxins are a by-product, naturally occurring Aspergillus a fungus/mould growth on certain agricultural products such as peanuts, almonds, pistachio, walnut, coconut, wheat, cereals and corn, chile peppers, black peppers, coriander, turmeric and ginger.
Alfatoxins have been found to cause liver cancer in animals and humans. Check carefully for any sign of discoloration or mould.

There are concerns over chemicals, proven to be cancer causing agents, being used in our foods. Why do government departments allow large manufacturers to use these agents. What is considered low to no risk? How does anyone know what level is considered a safe amount for our bodies?
Who came up with and how did this “safe” value come to be?
When is any cancer causing agent ingested, inhale or consumed in any way considered safe?
If the package lists ingredients known to be harmful, then why don’t they list any guidelines explaining how much to be consumed in a day, week, month in order for the level in our body not to be considered dangerous?

Another concern is food allergies. These can be very difficult to control and are becoming more common today. Reactions can be mild, severe to even deadly.
Allergies – It’s estimated that as many as 7 million Americans suffer from allergies to common foods, and as many as 200 people die every year from allergic reactions. While no one is quite sure what causes food allergies, the numbers are on the rise.

”There does appear to be almost an epidemic, I would say, in the last five to 10 years,” reports Dr. Hugh Sampson, an allergist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

He doesn’t know the cause, but says there may be a link with breastfeeding. Ninety percent of the children who develop a serious peanut allergy were breastfed as infants, he says.

It may be a coincidence, he says, but “the general consensus is we’d rather the mothers not eat peanut while they’re breastfeeding if they’re from allergic families.”
Some children will grow out of their allergies, however many people will develop them as they get older.

There is greater concern today, since many food manufacturers use the same plant/factory to manufacture foods with nuts in them as well as foods without.
Some people’s allergies are so severe that eating anything that was made in a factory that processes peanuts or seeds – could kill them.

Is there no alternative than using known harmful chemicals when growing and processing our foods? Are safer measures too costly, therefore the all mighty $ becomes more important than the value of life?

Hence, is now not the right time to take action and control your health, the health and wellbeing of your family?

Read the label and make healthier choices. Get back to healthy eating and avoid the chemicals and preservative the Government and Manufacturers claims are acceptable levels.

It is time to be serious about healthy eating and living and getting back to eating naturally grown whole foods.

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