Hypnosis Techniques and Its Benefit

Hypnosis is a natural condition where people are in unconscious mind or we can say that they are in two world between being awake and being asleep. They are actually not aware about whatever things that they have done. In other word, Hypnosis is a ‘suggestion’ that being used by someone to persuade other people to do something where people who has given ‘suggestion’ not even realized it.

There are several types of hypnosis and its very popular now.

– Ericksonian hypnosis

– Subliminals

– Traditional hypnosis

– Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

A very simple technique of hypnosis is a Questions or ‘Story telling’. When people ask for something or telling a story, we can say that they offers a suggestion to our unconscious mind. This technique has been developed by Milton Erickson which is the author of isomorphic metaphors (Isomorphic metaphors is a hypnosis technique that persuaded someone by telling a story and the unconscious draws a one-to-one relationship between elements of the story and elements of a problem situation or behavior).

If we could discover more about hypnosis then we can find a huge benefit of it. Basicly, people can use it in different way like self-hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, psycotherapy etc.

In medical, Hypnosis is used by physicians or psychologists to treat many disease like stress, depression, over weight. And for people who want to quit smoking, They can use self-hypnosis to against it.

Bottom line, Hypnosis can be a useful method to solve your health problem. you can learn more about hypnosis in conversational hypnosis techniques site.