Dynamics Great Plains (GP) Auto Posting – Ideal Extension to ECommerce – GP Integration

1- Is Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains an important tool used in your organization?

2- Do you want to streamline your processes?

3- How about simplifying tedious, repetitive tasks of posting transactions 1 by 1?

4- Is time an important factor in your business?

5- Does employee efficiency counts?

If you recognize these questions above you should consider the Dynamics GP AutoPost.

Dynamics GP AutoPost is a tool designed to improve your Microsoft Dynamics GP Integrations independent of what applications you are using: eConnect, Integration Manager, stored procedures or any other method to save transactions into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

It also saves valuable time for your employees across the organization. Sales clerks, purchasing staffs, accountants, etc. will benefit from this tool because the Dynamics GP AutoPost does not just post one transaction type but ALL types of transactions you can name in the core modules of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Dynamics GP AutoPost automates the posting of the transactions effortless and without human intervention. It also seamlessly integrates into your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Features and Functionalities:

– Auto posts any GP transaction type to the GL

– Shows Realtime Progress of Postings

– Maintains, Removes & Prints a Range of Posting History

– Sends Posting Journal automatically to text files

– No need to use Security to change the Master Post Form

– Simple & User Friendly Polling Window

– Optional: Auto Transfer of Sales Orders to Invoices.

Auto-Transfer of Sales Orders to Invoices:

Dynamics GP AutoPost includes an optional functionality which enables you to Auto-Transfer Sales Orders to Invoices. This is highly recommended for companies with large quantities of incoming Sales Orders which need to be processed quickly.