Golf Memberships – Should I Get One?

A big question facing many golfing Americans is whether or not they should get a golfing membership at their favorite course. By solving these two questions located in this article, you will be able to figure out whether or not you want a new golfing membership.

The first question is to decide on how much you plan to golfing. This is a simple math solution. Let’s say you live up north and the golfing season is roughly 6 months. If you plan on going twice a week for those 6 months, that would equal 48 rounds of golf. Multiply that number by the cost of paying for green fees and a round of golf at your home course. If this number is higher than the cost of membership, then join the club! If this cost is lower than the membership, then I suggest just waiting it out and paying as you go. The membership at my home course for example has been $500.00. I plan on golfing about 4 rounds each week for a total of 6 months. That comes out to about 96 rounds for the year. An 18 hole round also costs about $20.00. The total cost if I were to pay as I go would be $1,920.00. Obviously it would save me money to purchase the $500.00 membership at this course.

The second question is to decide on what you like to play. Some golfers enjoy going to a different course each week and experiencing different layouts, holes, yardage, and different people. If you are this type of person than you limit yourself by staying at one course for the length of the summer and a membership would probably not be a good thing. If you are the type that likes to play the same course and work on your overall game, then a membership is probably right up your alley.

These are two questions that you will want to consider before deciding on a membership. I think that a golfing membership is a great thing and can help you save some money during the summer. Some courses will even have deals to entice new members to sign up. On a final note, make sure you do some research on what goes into your golf membership as some memberships cover different perks. Once you figure out what you want, go out there, hit some balls and hopefully you have fun!