Free Online Fax Number to Send Faxes by Email

Are you searching for a free online fax number to send and receive your faxes by email on the Internet? Using an email-to-fax service helps you easily access your fax number from anywhere in the world.

As you may have used a normal fax machine before, you know how it comes with some hassles and extra costs. For example you need to dedicate an entire phone line to the fax system. Also the machine needs to be switched on the entire day, so you can receive your faxes.

Another factor is keeping your fax archive safe and keeping a backup. Just imagine how much space it needs in your office so that you can keep a copy of your important faxes and documents. All the above factors can be easily eliminated using a simply online fax service.

How Your Free Online Fax Number Will Help You?

When you sign up for your easy-to-use free faxing software online, you will instantly receive a phone number from your area that is linked to your email faxing solution.

So every time your clients send a fax to this number, you will simply receive a clear and high-quality scanned version in your email instantly. Also when you would like to send out your own faxes, you can choose any local or international number and the software helps you send it in a few seconds using your email address only.

When signing up for your free fax service, you will get the choice to receive a local or international number – depending on the nature of your business and what will help you the most.

Free or Paid Internet Fax Services – Which One Is the Best for You?

There are various reliable companies that offer free faxing solutions at no cost. So if you simply need the basic features for personal or small business use, these services might be good enough for you. It is also important to note that free fax numbers only allow you to receive faxes and not send them.

So if you would like to benefit from the complete set of helpful features, you can simply use a low-cost premium service. For example you can choose your own customized number (to make it easy to remember for your clients).

You can also set up automatic filters to inform you by SMS when you receive a fax from a certain number, or containing a certain word. This is a good way to be notified instantly when you receive an urgent fax that you have been waiting for.

The bottom line is, using online fax numbers you can benefit from extra helpful features that makes your life easier. Not to mention how much time, energy, and money it will save you in the long term.