3 Fun Ways to Stimulate Creative Thinking

Creativity: it’s your unique personal expression. It is the way you interact with yourself and others. It is also a very fun and exciting part of your self to work with when you want to manifest (create) something in your life. It might be that you want to make a change, embrace a new way of living or being, build a successful business grounded in your passion and purpose, define and live a life you love with authenticity and joy.

We are all creative even if we don’t think we are! Too often I have people say to me things like “But I’m not creative” or “But I can’t draw / paint / write” or “My imagination is terrible” or even “I’ve never created anything so I mustn’t be creative…” All of these statements are really just myths because by the very nature of being a human being you are creative. Every single person has the ability to create. When I think of how to define the phrases ‘to create’ or ‘be creative’ I describe them as;

  • To make something
  • To invent (something, such as a new thought or belief or a literal product or service)
  • To challenge (an existing thought or belief)
  • To identify (a solution or answer)
  • To manifest (bring something into being; make real)

Now I want to point out that none of those descriptors, or definitions of creativity have to do with artistic skill. Creativity is so much more than your artistic ability. Even better creativity is available to us all and a great way to start to embrace and genuinely feel more creative is to start by opening up to creative thinking.

Here are 3 fun ways to stimulate your creativity, and specifically creative thinking:

Dare to explore

Being creative asks you to think outside the box and to challenge what is normal for you so to do this you need to dare to explore. Exploration uncovers new and different ways of doing and being which is active creative thinking. Next time you tackle something in your business ask yourself “How could I do this differently?”

Think big picture

Resist focusing on the fine details and process, and instead aim to have a big picture mentality where your mind is open and expansive. As I often say to my clients – have an open mind because it let’s more in! An open mind is also less inhibited by judgments, restrictions and limitations – all things that can block creativity and the creative process, literally shutting down creative thinking.

Focus on opportunity and be excited by the new (something I like to refer to as embracing the blank canvas with an opportunity hug!)

It is as simple as being able to see a new project as an opportunity. When there is nothing in front of you but empty space and thought that is not a time to be fearful, but rather a time to be excited about opportunity and possibility and the fact that you have control over what goes down into or onto the space you see before you. This is a space full of possibility, not fear and it’s where, with that creative mind you are now embracing, you can literally create anything!

Have fun exploring your creativity and embracing creative thinking!