Travertine Wall Tiles For The Timeless Look

Natural travertine wall tiles are versatile and can give contemporary and casual look to the interiors. The colours of travertine will change your perception of beige and its hues. Any style direction can lead to travertine because of its many benefits. Travertine is formed naturally in the underground streams and rivers. This gives the stone a smooth, distinctive porous surface. The veining patterns of these stones are exotic. The colours are earthy and natural. Till date, this has been the most used natural stone in both modern and ancient architecture. Many of the ancient Roman structures have used travertine on floors, walls and exteriors. They have unique warmth that feels inviting. The same concept is used while designing the home to create an old world, yet contemporary design.

Travertine, in its purest form is white and the colours are added by the presence of other elements and substances in the stone. Many tones like the reds, greys, yellows and browns are available in this variety. They are very close in composition to marble and limestone. They have the strength of marble and the earthy appeal of the limestone. During the formation of this stone, many pores are created for the release of water vapour and gases. This forms the typical porous characteristic of travertine. Some people prefer the worn out pitted look of the stone for outdoor use. For indoor use, these pores are filled and the surface is polished to bring a glossy, sophisticated finish. The brushed or sanded look is also weathered and looks great on pavements, driveways etc.

Travertine wall tiles are mostly used in the bathrooms and kitchens. Travertine tiles are also used on the floors of these two rooms. The newest trend is to use neutral shades in the bathrooms and kitchens. The beiges and creams of this natural stone provide wonderful options for tiling. Large stones with less grouting is fashionable. Use the same tiles on the floor and wall to create a wonderful effect. Minimalistic designs and patterns give rise to contemporary designs. Addition of a hint of metallic finishes in the plumbing fixtures will enhance the effect. The polished variety is best for wet rooms and needs an application of sealant. Luxurious spaces, recreating the effect of spas are the trend today. The natural look gives a calming effect and creates a refreshing space for relaxation.

These are extremely durable like any other natural material. However, care should be taken while acidic substances cause spills on the surface. Substances like fruit juices, red wines etc can cause stains on the stone, if not cleaned immediately. With the addition of a sealant, the damage is minimized. The natural glow of travertine wall tiles is enticing. Rich and classic interiors are possible with these on the walls of the house. The bright colours of this stone are also quite popular and can be used on walls to create vibrant kitchens with great character. Refer online stores and magazines for more ideas and use these natural stones to make your interiors elegant.