Seven Surprising Benefits of a Golf Membership

There’s no better way to relieve stress than by heading outside and hitting the links. Still, the expenses of tee times, reservations, and fees can start to add up over time. Signing up for a golf membership can help players save money and become part of their local sports community. Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing a membership:

Saving Money

Every quality course charges players a fee, and if they play on a regular basis, those fees add up quickly. With a golf membership, players can visit as often as they want, provided the tee times are available. There are no extra charges associated with reserving the tee time, giving everyday players a huge price break.

Sense of Community

Golf courses are incredible places to socialize and develop connections with like-minded individuals in the community. By becoming a member of the club, golfers gain access to functions, tournaments, and other social events throughout the year. These events help newer members get to know the rest of the community and foster strong relationships among the members.

Track Handicap

If a golfer wants to get more serious about the sport, they’ll need to start tracking their handicap. While it is possible to keep track as a guest, it’s far easier as a member. Most clubs offer member-only tournaments to help newer players establish a handicap and track their improvements. Knowing a handicap is not required for casual players, but it is useful if they wish to start competing in amateur tournaments.

Access to Other Amenities

Most clubs have a clubhouse filled with amenities designed to make the facility feel more like a resort than a golf course. With most memberships, use of the facility is included in the annual or monthly fee and may cover spouses and older children as well. The amenities offered by each club will vary, but they often include a weight room, tennis courts, and an on-site spa or pool. Becoming a member of a club can turn an often-solitary sport into a family affair.

Onsite Coaching

Many clubs want to help their members improve their skills by having a network of professional coaches that come to the club to provide lessons. Often, members receive a discount on the cost of lessons. They also have the advantage of unlimited practice time on the course.

Flexible Playing Options

Non-members pay to play either 9 or 18 holes per tee time. This means they cannot simply play a few holes and call it a day without losing money. With a golf club membership, an individual can show up and play as many or as few holes as they want without worrying about the cost.

Better Tee Times

With a golf membership, golfers have access to better tee times than those reserved for the general public. Members typically get the first choice of tee times each day, allowing them to play when it’s most convenient for them.

Anyone interested in frequently hitting the links should consider purchasing a membership at their local clubhouse. The financial and social benefits of joining make the upfront cost well worth the investment.