You Will Wish You Were a Poet on Your Mauritius Holidays

You will wish you were a poet to describe the beauty that Mauritius enshrines once you set foot in this glorious island; the same way I did when I saw the many natural marvels on Mauritius, the island that, according to ancient myths and legends, is said to have been created before Heaven.

Well, while geologically, this is not actually true, legend has it that some 8 million ago, Vulcan, the blacksmith and god of beneficial fire, set to create this tropical paradise-like corner of our planet. Everybody who has been there has to admit that in this particular case his fire was incredibly beneficial indeed. Moreover, he doused the forges thoroughly, so there is no need to worry about them coming ablaze again. You are absolutely safe.

Mauritius holidays are like beautiful dreams: fluffy, a bit blurred and delicately intoxicating. And; of course, extremely enjoyable.

The very first thing that pleasantly surprises holidaymakers on their arrival to Mauritius is the pure air: very clean, fresh and pollutant-free with a very pleasant light smell of the sea. You breathe it in and immediately become slightly inebriated. Then you see the beaches; dazzling white fine sands and turquoise shades of crystalline waters. It’s no wonder Mauritius was recently awarded with World’s Best Beach title. Here you can leave all your cares and troubles behind and swim in the glistening sea lagoon protected by a large coral reef. These three elements: sea, sand and air, are usually enough for you to quickly forget your day-to-day worries and start living the dream.

But if these are not enough to convince you or persuade you into booking Mauritius holidays, there are the mountains with lush green tropical forests if you venture further inland, you also have small uninhabited islands off the coast to explore, some of which are nature reserves with biotopes teeming with interesting creatures and animals.

Scattered across the island you will also find cosy restaurants or taverns offering an original mixture of cuisines and playing live sega, the lively music that is typical of the island, a lively expression of the authentic Mauritian way of life: joyful and vibrant. Mauritius also offers an abundance of activities you can take part in. The list of these could go on and on, so I’ll only mention a few of the most popular ones: scuba diving at the colourful coral reef, snorkelling in the shallow transparent lagoons, going deep-sea fishing and taking submarine rides.

Yes, I wished I were a poet on my last Mauritius holidays, but I now have the feeling that even if I were one, words would fail me anyway.

The last piece of good news about Mauritius is that English is more or less the official language on the island and most people speak at least some of it, with French Creole being the other non-official more widely-spoken vernacular. Hence no need to use your arms to make silly gestures to make yourself understood. In Mauritius the language, just like its beauty (and pretty much everything else) easily flows.