The Chinese Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Have you heard about the Chinese weight loss secret? Maybe you have heard of this, but a little more attention may make you familiar with this even more.

Everyone knows that obesity is a major problem in America, and probably the most that any obese person can do is to deny it. But for someone who heeds for his health and life, he may consider various methods of losing weight.

Being overweight has something to do with one’s lifestyle-food and amount of activity. Therefore for you to get perfectly in shape, you have to modify this aspect of your life.

In this article, you will know the craze about Chinese weight loss secret, one of the most popularly effective ways on how to get rid of extra pounds. You will deal with food, exercise, and medicine, the Chinese way.


Chinese cuisine has always been renowned for its health benefits. It mostly consists of fish, tofu, a humungous amount of vegetables, and very small quantities of meat. But it’s not just about what they eat that makes them fit. It has something to do with how they cook these. Chinese weight loss secret reveals that they cook it very, very quickly in high temperature, which preserves the texture of the food, and at the same time, preserves the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it contains.

They also consume a large amount of tea in their diet. Some clinical trials done at some universities in Geneva and Birmingham revealed that certain teas can increase metabolic rates and hasten the rate at which calories are burned.


Another Chinese weight loss secret that is surely effective is exercise. But what kind of exercise do Chinese people do in order to maintain their weight? Martial arts are very famous. But did you know that nowadays, it is already being combined with the Western aerobic exercise?

Spencer Gee, a Chinese Kung Fu expert, created his workout plan that combines Kung Fu and other Asian martial arts with aerobic exercises. Not only is this workout available for men or women, but also for children. A total of 700 calories are shed off of you per session, and in two weeks, you can see awesome results.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Acupressure and acupuncture are also part of the Chinese weight loss secret. There are pressure points in the body, which when punctured, increases the metabolism of the body, decreases cravings, and improves the over-all function of the digestive tract.

Would you believe that not only Chinese people recognize the effectiveness of these methods? Dr. Charles Schwartz uses little acupressure beads in his so-called Accu-weight-loss program. These beads are placed at the back of his patients’ ears and in other pressure points. He also tells his clients to have a diet without carbohydrate-rich foods, and makes them eat fruits and berries only. That’s a bit of the Chinese weight loss secret and some variations of it, right?

Now these are just among the deepest secrets of Asian people shared with you. But for you to gain that perfect shape, it entails more dedication.