The Deal, And I Do Not Mean Poker Playing Cards, I Mean Life Itself

Life is a wild card or a “joker card” at best. What I mean is, the greatest opportunities come as seemingly valueless “wild cards” of opportunity that look like work, but really are great opportunities in the finest disguises. When I think about my life, that really is how it has been, opportunities always come dressed in work clothes “looking like a bum” and then ending up the greatest thing of all.

As I am writing this article, I am listening to Brian Tracy talk about the Law of Attraction on one of his programs I bought a little while ago. I totally agree with what he is saying in the program, but I would also like to say this: We must recognize opportunity whatever form it may come in, we must be alert always, that is the ultimate mental nutrition in a positive sense. That also means, that we must embrace the “wild cards” of opportunity more than the “aces” and “royal flushes” in life although those more obvious cards may “look better” on the surface, some of the best opportunities to put it the way William Clement Stone put it come as the most horrible problems and you find the best opportunities within them.

Most of my family, including my Dad and only sister has left the Earth except for my Mother and a few other family, and I am not married and am not interested in having any children. I mention this not to feel sorry for myself or anything, but, I actually see this all as a genuine opportunity for reliance on myself and the ultimate “joker card” opportunity in life to turn it all around and make things work for myself instead of a “deep liability”. I could “cry a tear in my beer over it” and feel genuinely sorry for myself. But, instead I am a “hard-working dud” who does not drink, smoke, “party” or whatever. I genuinely see the opportunities in life and reality for what they are, when they do come. Sure, I complain sometimes, but inside I am always looking for the deep good in everything, and I do mean everything. As is said in a poker game, the wild card worth everything could be anywhere and everywhere, so bluff your style and win the hand as the ultimate opportunity in life always. Who knows, it may be? After all, poker is a realistic game of guts, money management and disciplined looking for and seizing opportunity, and ultimately, so is life. I do not mean be dishonest, I do mean honestly take opportunity, manage well and you will get somewhere great.

Sometimes, I mention an old 1983 movie called “Eddie and the Cruisers” and its sequel that came out in 1989. The character Eddie Wilson, said in a line in the original first movie and it predicted the outcome of both the original movie and its sequel that showed what happened after the character Eddie Wilson faked his death in the first movie, that life and existence paths are different from each other, but not better than each other, and that is real and honest, but, I would like to say this: Genuine opportunity comes as a “wild card” that looks like work, it is not better than the “ace”, the “two pair” or the “royal flush”, just different. People lose and win all the time, whatever the hand. If played improperly, you lose, even if you have a winning hand. If played properly, you win, even if you seemingly have a losing hand. With that said: Life is the deal, and reality is the hand. It does not matter what you get in the deal, it is how you play the whole game properly or improperly. That is the reality.