How To Fix a Relationship – Six Simple Tips to Repair Your Relationship

Many people wonder how to fix a relationship when they are struggling in theirs, or they know some-one whose relationship is in trouble. Their friends might give them some advice, but most of the time, couples just struggle in silence and heartache. Sadly, as a result of not speaking about it or seeking help those relationships quite often break apart, when there are some simple solutions couples can apply to immediately improve things between them.

Some couples seek professional help to fix a relationship and for them it can be the best thing they ever did. It does, however, take courage, time and effort and can come at some cost, but it is so very worth it. Most couples just muddle through and with a little grace and a lot of luck get back on track, and some just go their separate ways when there was no real need for it.

I know someone who recently came to me despairing of their relationship and thinking of calling it quits. As much as they loved the other person they were feeling used, trapped and unappreciated. All they could see was the other person’s faults and how they were making them feel bad. Underneath it all though, I could sense that this person still wanted to fix their relationship, in spite of everything – all their fights, fault-finding and expressions of frustration and demands to leave.

They wanted to know how to fix a relationship even though it would be easier to just walk away. Despite the pain of staying versus the pain of leaving, they wanted to know how they could make things better.

There are lots of things couples can try to repair their relationship, and here are some you can try:

Focus on the good things in your relationship and the things you like about each other.

Build the passion between you and increase your connection with each other.

Say kind, loving, respectful things to each other daily – build each other up rather than tear each other down.

Appreciate your partner when they do things for you.

Do nice things for your partner – just as an example, guys, at the end of a hard day run a bubbly bath for your girl and while she soaks tidy the kitchen up. Girls, your man would appreciate something similar too.

If you want to change some things, try asking your partner about it, instead of making decisions for the both of you. Give them time to decide what they want for themselves then come to an agreement where both of you benefit.

Spending some time together building the connection between you and fanning the flame of passion, will help minimize the tension between you, and it will seem like those relationship problems will almost fix themselves. Now, I am not saying that you don’t have to deal with those issues, but it is easier to do when you are feeling more kindly disposed towards your partner and feeling like you are friends, rather than being at logger-heads with each other, or behaving like down-right enemies!

When you want to know how to fix a relationship, building the connection between you and increasing the passion in your relationship will help pave the way to dealing with issues. Sometimes just having a little fun together first, can make that problem seem a little smaller and easier to deal with. It is much better to approach a problem when the two of you are beside each other rather than on opposite sides of the fence.