The Madness of Poison-Fried Chicken

There’s a massively harmful, potentially deadly, poison hidden in your food about which you need to be informed and against which you are not being protected by either the food industry or the government. And the results are neither pretty nor nice!

King George III was reputed to have gone mad as the result of a possible illness known as Porphyria, so called because of the abnormal purple-colored substance excreted in the urine and feces of sufferers.

Symptoms can be acute (1), but recurring, or even chronic (2), affecting the kidneys, nervous system, skin (including photosensitivity, blisters), increased hair growth on areas such as the forehead, itching, swelling and necrosis of the skin and gums (3), heart rate disturbances (arrhythmias and tachycardia, or fast heart rate), digestion (constipation and diarrhea), and mental disturbances, including hallucinations, depression, anxiety and paranoia.

There is also an increased risk of primary liver cancer.

The additional symptom of brownish-red staining of the teeth, in severe forms of porphyria, along with photosensitivity, scarring and hair growth, are possibly behind the origin of legends of vampires and werewolves.

Four chief known causes of porphyria are poisoning from arsenic, mercury, drugs or hormones.

Drug-induced conditions are called pseudoporphyria, which is characterized by normal serum and urine porphyrin (4) levels.

Many of the symptoms of porphyria are shared with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), including photosensitivity, pain attacks, etc.

SLE is a chronic autoimmune connective tissue disease that can affect any part of the body, in which the body’s immune system attacks normal, healthy cells and tissues, resulting in tissue damage, inflammation, and possible death.

Affecting nine time as many women as men, particularly between the ages of 15 and 50 and those of non-European descent, one of the typical symptoms is a reddish rash on the face, across the bridge of the nose and under both eyes, resembling a mask (5).

Common complaints associated with onset and chronic condition, of unknown etiology (6), of SLE can include fever, malaise, joint pains, myalgias (7), fatigue, loss of cognitive functions, dermatological (8) manifestations, musculoskeletal arthritic-like pains, hematological anemia and iron deficiency, heart inflammations, lung and pleura (9) inflammations, renal (10) hematuria (11) or nephritis (12), and neuropsychiatric syndromes which can affect the central or peripheral nervous systems, with symptoms ranging from headache to impaired cognitive function, mood disorder, seizures, anxiety disorder and psychosis, among others.

The chief systemic (13) symptom of SLE is fatigue from loss of sleep, poor sleep quality, and poor physical fitness.

Once again, known causes of SLE include adverse reactions to drugs (over 400 different drugs are known to cause SLE-type conditions), and even silicone implants.

In SLE the body’s immune system produces antibodies against itself, in particular against the proteins in cell nuclei.

Both SLE and porphyria can be caused by unknown environmental factors, but there is a hint about the possible causes in the fact that exposures to silica, mercury (possibly also including arsenic), and pesticides (most of which contain inorganic — or highly poisonous — arsenic and arsenic compounds), are known to make SLE worsen.

End-stage kidney disease is one of the complications of lupus nephritis, and recurs in up to 30% of all kidney transplant patients.

Wonder where you might be exposed to possible SLE or porphyria-causing environmental factors?

You probably don’t need to look any further than the fried, boiled or broiled chicken on your lunch or dinner plate.

Chickens, and pigs, are given arsenic in their feed because it kills off parasites (which result largely from the unhealthy manner in which the animals are caged, kept and fed), which helps the animals grow faster, while tainting the meat with arsenic.

So much arsenic, in fact, that a bucket of a favorite fast food fried chicken can contain up to 50 times the amount of arsenic allowed in your drinking water!

Livestock are also commonly fed grains grown with pesticides that are also laced with inorganic arsenic, which is highly poisonous.

Arsenic also readily combines with other substances, such as oxygen, chlorine and sulphur, to form other highly toxic byproducts, so cooking anything containing high levels of inorganic or organic arsenic, especially in chlorinated tap water, can result in additional toxic exposures.

This includes chickens and pesticide containing produce, especially of the cruciferous (high sulphur content) variety.

Even eggs, which are also high in sulphur content, from chickens fed arsenic or pesticide-laced feed, may also contain highly toxic arsenic and arsenic byproducts.

Add to these possible exposures to deadly arsenic other environmental sources of arsenic contamination, including fish, well water, wood preservatives, or burning and breathing the smoke from such contaminated sources, or soil exposed to contaminated smoke and arsenic containing pesticides, and you can perhaps begin to see how the addition of arsenic-laced feed to the raising of poultry and livestock can lead to serious overexposure and dire consequences for anyone who is ignorantly exposed through their diet.

Madness may or may not result from such exposure, but it is evidently already a hidden factor behind those who have desperately tried to conceal their promotion or use of such potentially harmful or deadly substances in the food chain.

You would think the government would have acted long ago to halt and prevent such contamination, however this has only been the case with well-publicized situations in which the general public became outraged and demanded immediate action.

There’s nothing like the threat of being thrown out of overly-comfy, over-perked, over-compensated jobs permanently — and perhaps even the threat of jail or prison time — to get politicians off their collective inertia to actually do something truly beneficial to help and protect the public.

Meanwhile, you might as well get used to the madness of poison-fried chicken, thanks to the irresponsible and profit-greedy “food” industry and government.

…Unless you give up eating chicken altogether, or free range raise, slaughter and cook your own poultry.

Do-it-yourself seems about the only viable way left for you to avoid harmful poisons in your daily bread, including but certainly not limited to the madness of arsenic contamination.

Praying over your daily meals, to keep them safe from such poisons, might also be a good idea!


(1) Severe, sharp, intense, temporary.

(2) Persistent, sustained over a long period of time, thought to be incurable.

(3) Necrosis is the death of tissue caused by disease or injury.

(4) Enzymes in the heme (blood, or iron) biosynthetic pathway, also called the porphyrin pathway.

(5) Hence the name, Lupus, after the masquerade masks resembling a wolf’s eyes.

(6) The science of the causes of disease.

(7) Muscle pains.

(8) Skin related, as the malar or butterfly rash on the face.

(9) A pair of serous membranes lining the thorax or rib cage.

(10) Kidneys.

(11) Presence of blood in the urine.

(12) Kidney inflammation.

(13) Affecting the whole body or system.