The 7 Golden Rules of Milton Hershey by Greg Rothman – Book Review

Title and Author: The 7 Golden Rules of Milton Hershey by Greg Rothman

Synopsis of Content:

This little book recounts the failures and remarkable success of Milton Hershey, founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company and Hershey, Pennsylvania. He was born into a poor family and his father was a failure at everything he tried. He received a fourth grade education. Hershey made multiple attempts in business, mostly in the confectionary trade, and all of them failed. He attempted to open a candy factory, store or both in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Denver, Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, and back again to Pennsylvania. For years success eluded him.

Finally he did find success after a great deal of experimentation and dogged persistence. Eventually he built the largest candy empire in the world. He founded a city named after himself and a school to train poor children. Hershey chocolate became a household name throughout the world.

Hershey did develop Seven Golden Rules that he believed were essential to success. Those rules are here explained by Rothman and given more contemporary names. They include:

1. Thinking Outside the Box

2. Perseverance

3. Hard Work

4. Take Risks

5. Take Care of Your Workers

6. Give to Live

7. Your Life is Your Legacy

These rules will come as no surprise to those who study success minded people throughout history. They echo the same principles of success claimed by most successful people.

Readability/Writing Quality:

This is a very easy book to read. It is small, only 43 pages long, but packed with insight and a fascinating story of the king of chocolate and the secrets to success he found.

Notes on Author:

Greg Rothman is a noted and successful realtor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. Perseverance: if there is one golden rule of success from Hershey it is the underestimated power of persistence. Hershey met one failure after another in seven different American cities before he found success. He tried different types of candy, different processes and different packaging. In time he mastered a milk chocolate recipe that not only appealed to the masses but also was easy to manufacture in bulk and had a good shelf life. It took many “failures” before he found that success.

2. Hershey was a firm believer in hard work. He found that he could accomplish his goals only through hard work and observed the same of those around him. But he also enjoyed working hard. If you enjoy your work it goes more easily and you are able and willing to work hard. If you love your work it rarely seems hard and you can devote as much time to it as you wish.

3. Hershey believed in taking risks. His risks were calculated, and with more maturity and experience became increasingly calculated. He did not advocate reckless risk taking. However he recognized from his own life lessons that big rewards do not come to those who will not take a risk.

Publication Information:

The 7 Golden Rules of Milton Hershey by Greg Rothman.

Copyright: 2005 Executive Books.

General Rating: Good