Get To Know What 1.75 Reading Glasses Mean to Your Vision

If you have had no trouble with your vision for as long as you could remember and you suddenly feel uncomfortable reading close up text from a page, then you know that you may have developed presbyopia. This is a common enough condition and nothing to be scared about. A lot of people have them, even kids. The important thing to remember now is to go to a doctor and get an eye exam. If you don’t then you may experience what some people call the optic nerve headache.

This headache is quite different from other headaches as it is in between one and a migraine. It gets worse when you have to read and your eyes ache just behind it. It feels somewhat relieved when you press on your eyes but then it does not correct the blurring. Then whenever you try to read you experience more discomfort and you just cannot continue reading. If you do, then the headache just gets worse. Sometimes these optic headaches get so bad that you get nauseous and you can’t keep your eyes open. If that does not bring you to the doctor, then that is pure hard headedness.

When the doctor finally does give you an eye exam and comes up with a result, you might meet something like a +1.75 reading glasses. This simply means is that your eyes need that amount of magnification to make it focus successfully on close up objects like the text on the book that you like reading. The optician would most probably tell you to go out of the exam room and to choose from among the variety of frames that they have on display or if they do not have them, they will point you to an optical supply store which has the items that you need. A clerk will give you OTC reading glasses with a stamp or label of +1.75 on each and every one. This number corresponds to the measurement that the doctor reached.

Try out the glasses and see how comfortable they are for about thirty minutes before purchasing. These thirty minutes should be spent reading according to the position that you usually read in. if you develop any discomfort during this time immediately inform the doctor who will probably do another series to tests to figure out if it is because of a faulty lens or your eyes just won’t respond well to ready to wear reading glasses. If your eyes are picky, then you would probably need custom reading glasses.