Badminton! Fun and Worth to Playing!

One can easily accept that the game of badminton is fun to play, but doubts if it’s worth playing! Let me assure such skeptical people of the use and worth of this amazing healthy game.

Every sport has its own positives and negatives. But when it comes to badminton, one finds it difficult to pin point a negative aspect. Such is the beauty of the game.

You need fun, play badminton!

You need health, play badminton!

Weird! Is it? Let me make it clearer. Badminton has now become the game of the masses. It is played in nook and corner of the globe. Badminton clubs has sprouted out everywhere to identify and bring into limelight the astounding talents. Clubs provide infrastructure, kits and all other aids to encourage this historical game. Since this game has no age bar, players exists in all age categories. A pair of rackets and a shuttle cock and make you go wild!!

Let me corner the topic to the health perspective of this awesome game.

* Obesity is the sole health problem faced by a considerable number of people all around the world, for which they follow infinite number of ways to eradicate the same. Walking is the age old methodology which may yield results after much time consumption.

If you are a person searching for an enjoyable methodology to lose weight, there could be no other option to play high energy- burning games like badminton. You know what? In a normal game of badminton, you sweep away four kilometers unnoticed! Imagine the amount of efforts you make to go for a walk of 4 km?!

* Heart problems are even more common among the aged population all around the world. This is due to the improper food habits followed by this new generation. Playing badminton keeps you away from heart problem too! Unbelievable? But believe me! It is! Playing badminton regularly increases your heart beat rate thereby increasing the blood flow level to your heart. This greatly enhances the energy level and avoids heart attacks.

* Since it reduces heart issues, the probability of heart problems reduces, increasing the average longevity to 2 years.

* Fitness is the buzz word among the youth. Tightened muscles and strong body is essential for a healthy life, which can be easily acquired by playing badminton. Regularize your game and witness the results! The muscles attain strength and abs get reduced and packed.

* Unnecessary cholesterol accumulating in your body? You want to get rid of it? Play badminton! An hour game of badminton can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. Amazing! Isn’t it?