Give a Calendar Gift Throughout the Year

The origin of the calendar dates back several thousand years. The idea of recording time while synchronizing days and seasons evolved into the modern-day Gregorian calendar during the 16th century. The modern calendar has twelve months, fifty-two weeks, seven days a week and an extra leap year day. At some point during this evolution someone came up with the practical idea of giving a calendar as a gift. Perhaps the first recipient was an ocean explorer, a farmer, a tax collector or even a prisoner.

The month and date grid provides an adaptive layout. Calendars appear on computers and digital devices, on desktops, walls, refrigerators and as creative displays. The popular Page-a-Day calendar series has spawned hundreds of titles and typifies the creative adaptation for calendar presentation. Other creative display ideas include CD stands, perpetual blocks and designs made from cloth materials. Better yet are designer calendars made out of match sticks and one crafted from bubble wrap.

Calendars are a traditional and popular gift choice during the year end and new year holiday seasons. Most gifts offer theme-based desktop and wall hanging calendars. The next chapter in the evolution of gift calendars is personalization. There is a wide array of providers and retailers offering convenient methods for making a custom, personalized calendar. Many offer photo styling where customers upload their own photos or images for a cover and for each month. Other providers offer methods to author custom narratives or text entries on each calendar day, like a book.

Another interesting customization feature allows customers to set the start date of their calendar. This customization introduces the idea of giving a calendar gift any time of the year rather than during the traditional calendar giving months of December and January. This method lends itself well to a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day and other celebrations and events through the year. A custom start date paired with custom photo and text content offers a unique presentation dedicated to the gift recipient. These gift calendars are a fresh alternative to the standard January 1 calendar.

Give a personal calendar gift that gives all year long. Recent calendar production advances are making calendar gifts an option throughout the year. Calendars may be crafted with custom covers, photo and text date entries and set with a custom start date. These features reinvent the traditional static calendar to produce an exciting and creative gift that may be given throughout the year.