Jump Higher To Block Shots Out Of The Stadium

The beauty of blocking a shot is that anybody on the court can do it, from the shortest to the tallest player. It all comes down to how much the defender wants to win and how willing he is to protect the basket. Now, as much as it doesn’t depend on height or athleticism, these two factors are a great bonus for you to perfect this art and posses the ability to do it on every defensive sequence. The first thing you have to do in order to block a shot, is to have the right timing, you have to anticipate what the offensive player is about to do. Whether he will hesitate, pump fake or let go right away, you have to know when he will do each one of these. How you can know? Well its more about how well your reading your man then actually teaching when to go for the block. Most of the time if the player is going to the basket the defender should jump at the same time he takes the second step. And always try to jump higher then him to have a better advantage.

But its not always predictable, you have to make sure that you have that killer instinct to go after the ball keeping you eyes on it the whole time and slashing it with out hitting the opponent.

The best for the block shot to be effective is to block it to a place you or one of your teammates can grab it, that doesn’t mean if you can not do that you don’t go for the block, no, your job is to limit and stop any kind of chance the offensive player has to score. But keeping it in bounds in a position for a teammate to grab it, allows you to attack the other team with a fast break changing the momentum completely. And usually to assure that, you should try to jump higher so you can have more control on where the ball is heading.

You can be down by 20 points in the fourth quarter of a game, and find that somehow the momentum swung to your side and you ended up wining the game. And when you look back to find out what it was, you find that it was the block shot that you or one of your teammates did. That’s how important blocking shots is, it is the defensive teams number one statement to the other team that this is war and you will never score in our basket.