Understanding Before Judgement

Before you genuinely judge, you must fully and succinctly understand what you are judging and why you are judging it. Then you can use your understanding in the right way. To go “ugh”/”horrible” or “great” without a full understanding is the greatest mistake a person can make. When I genuinely think of judgement in life, I realize that judging on sight is the biggest mistake in it and judging with understanding is the greatest virtue and winning trait there is, however good or bad the verdict has to be.

Indeed, nobody can judge in a blind, quick way with any quality of understanding. Reality comes down to what we are, not what we “quickly” perceive.

We conquer reality fully when we genuinely understand it. For good or for bad, that is the honest and real truth of the matter.

Real judgement is only possible after understanding.

The other day, my Mother was talking to me about this when she was doing something important to her (and to me). I did not just get the message and the reality, but I have a full and deep understanding through deep experience of what it takes to judge with understanding penetrating to the genuine matter instead of taking things at face value in a foolish way.

For starters, I would rather ask good questions, instead of come up with bad instant answers however much kick back I may get for asking the questions. After all, judgement and action that is proper can only come through really knowing after having all questions answered properly. Even if successful, guessing does not count as genuine understanding, face it.

Realistically, everyone starts out as a beginner before they are an expert at anything. I know, that is so simple that it is pretty deep, but, reality works with a metaphysical gravitation that is based on reality, not on what we want or silly fantasies about “what would work if we lived in an irrational world.”

Indeed, existence works rationally by law, not by what we desire or want. This is the genuine key to understanding before judging in an all too quick way that does not work for anyone, especially the “judge”. What do you think a rational mind is for anyway? It perceives reality, it does not create it or “play with it”. Understanding begets a working reality anyway. This is where it is at.