6 Ways To Integrate Canvas Prints Into Your Home For Best Interior Design Effect

Canvas prints are a wonderful addition to interior design – placing them carefully can allow you to make the most of their effect.

If you’ve decided to put in the effort to create a stunning canvas print, or even if you’ve ordered a professional landscape photo for canvas printing, you want it to be a focal point in your home. In interior design, it can actually be quite tricky to incorporate additional focal points in to a room while maintaining balance. Often furniture and feature walls compete for attention, or the lighting isn’t right, or there is some other problem. Today we look at six tips for expert interior designers on integrating canvas prints into your home according to industry best practice guidelines.

Room choice

The dominant colour scheme of the room, and how that interacts with the picture, should be your prime reason for picking one room over another for your canvas print. However, there are other factors at play in the decision also:

Space available for placement

Is the picture ‘private’ or ‘public’?

Lighting in the room

Relativity to furniture and viewers

You’ll need to consider both the relativity to furniture, and to the people viewing it when determining your height and placement for prints. You’ll want to try to place your art so that it fits within the following guidelines:

Keep the centre point of the picture as close as possible to eye level. This will vary per person, and your choice of height will depend on whether you’d rather have the picture look ideal to you, or to an imaginary ‘average viewer’.

Keep the picture around 8-12 inches above sofas, shelves, sets of drawers, etc.

Don’t let objects on shelves obscure your canvas print

Do a practice run with paper

Use large sheets of packing or butcher’s paper to cut out a tracing of your single or set of canvas prints. Use masking tape to stick the pieces of paper to the wall, and allow you to move around and assess the placement without the need for a ‘holder’.

Hang in groups

Having pictures spread out throughout a room dilutes their effect and status as focal points of the interior design. If you want to include more than one picture in a room, hang them in groups. Alternatively, consider placing some on shelves, and only one on the wall.

Use horizontal, vertical, or diagonally symmetrical balance

When you are hanging your pictures in groups, you’ll need to maintain some sort of balance. If, when you have placed your practice paper ‘canvas prints’, you can draw a line through the group either horizontally, vertically or diagonally and have roughly the same area of paper on either side, you have achieved balance.

Apply the principles of design – emphasis and continuity

Two ideas are central to good interior design – those of creating emphasis and continuity. You need to ensure that either one picture within your grouping has the emphasis placed on it, or that the grouping itself is emphasized within the room.

Continuity (in a canvas print context) refers to the way the edges of the picture interact with the other lines in the room. Try to align your canvas print, or the edges of the grouping, with another line proximal to them.

Canvas prints are a wonderful addition to interior design – placing them carefully can allow you to make the most of their effect.