Latest Satellite Television

Television is one of the most indispensable gadgets in modern life. It provides entertainment, educational and world wide news. It is one of the important gadgets that enrich our knowledge. The satellite TV is the latest development in this modern era. In olden days, television was viewed with help of dish that was kept above our homes. With the help of this latest satellite TV the problem of poor broadcasting can be avoided. Moreover it offers the best picture clarity than the traditional dish TVs.

The working of satellite TV is very interesting. It consists of a satellite uplink station, a small mini-dish receiving unit located on the house and a receiver (black box) that connects to your television. It uses a wired system to transfer radio waves. The uplink station is positioned towards the satellite that is available in outer space. The data is compressed and sent as radio waves. The uplink station will send radio waves to the specific satellite that is positioned in outer space. The radio waves travel at speed of 270 megabits per second. The radio waves will travel only in straight line.

Each satellite has 32 transponders. The radio signal will choose the selected transponder. The satellite will then transmit the necessary frequency band to the mini dish that is located in the house. The dish is then connected to black box with help of coaxial cables. There are many receivers that are available in the market. Some of types of receivers are standard receivers, DVR receivers and HD receivers. The DVR (Digital video receivers) allow the viewers to pause and play videos. This enables the viewer not to miss any TV programs. The DVR is a dual tuner, two TV output satellite receivers and an integrated digital video recorder (DVR). The high definition receiver (HD) is used for viewing high definition TV programs. Still research is on to enhance the quality of images.

There are two types of viewing a satellite TV: one is watching on conventional TV set and other is watching on PC. The conventional system is television receive-only (TVRO). This system is a way to receive satellite feeds from FSS-type satellites on C-band frequency. Its other name is big ugly dish system (BUDS). The huge disadvantage is there that a huge dish must be installed in our homes fort his purpose. Today, most common source is the direct broadcast systems (DBS). Direct TV and Dish are two types of DBS. The direct TV will enable a smaller antenna to be placed in our homes and offers better clarity than conventional system.

The other method of watching satellite TV is on PC (personal computer). There are two methods to access this technology. One is with use of PCTV cards and other is on installing special software. The software runs on almost all desktops and laptops. Both require high speed internet connection for streaming the channels. Broadband is preferably better compared to dial-up connection. This method enables decoded signals that are streamed into our computers. With the help of this connection you can get access to thousands of satellite stations across the globe. All programs ranging from sports, news, music, and entertainment and educational can be viewed. This method is the best for quality and clarity viewing. Another advantage is you need not worry about bad weather. With conventional system, your dish will be disrupted and prevent you from viewing your favorite channels which you need not worry in case of PC. If your satellite TV is connected to high speed internet connection then there is no problem you would face. Another reason for opting PC is availability of numerous packages. All the channels world wide can be viewed with the lowest bargains where as this is not possible for conventional way. Another advantage of using satellite TV on PC is that it does not require any additional equipment or hardware.

After paying a one time fee, you can start downloading the software and install it in your PC without any problem. Unlike TV which can be watched only from your homes, a laptop with satellite TV software will enable you to watch your programs even during travel. The satellite TV on PC will save your monthly bills to a large extent.