Seiko Alarm Clocks’ Most Convenient & Accurate Clock to Date – The Global Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

My first idea of Seiko alarm clocks is that they are nice alarm clocks with features from 5-minute snooze rings with gentle tones to highly precise time keeping. But with more demands of travel alarm clocks, this competitive brand crafted a clock using the latest advancement in technology that will solve most travelers’ demands with traveling alarm clocks.

Over the past one hundred years, Seiko has developed cutting-edge timekeeping technology with constant innovation. Due to their unmatched precision with their alarm clocks, there’s no alarm clock brand that shouts accurate to the point. Now, Seiko ventures into atomic travel alarm clocks with their Global models.

This new Seiko Global Atomic Travel Alarm keeps time perfectly regardless of your location without resetting due to factors like time zone change, thus it is now more convenient that with ordinary alarm clocks around. The clock’s radio wave technology interprets the signal to automatically reset itself to correct the lock time. Thus, it automatically adjusts with time zone change, leap year, or the Daylight Savings Time. For a tourist or traveler, this eliminates all the confusion with time keeping.

This travel alarm clock utilizes state-of-the-art technology by picking up radio waves signals from atomic time transmitters. So whether you are in the United States, Japan, or United Kingdom, it keeps time with great accuracy.

Seiko radio controlled alarm clocks are so accurate because of their ability to receive radio signals from the standard of the international time scale, the cesium atomic clock maintained by the National Institute of Standards in Fort Collins, Colorado. In fact, this same clock in Colorado is the most accurate clock in the world. This radio wave technology is so precise that it is proud of keeping time at the variation of within one second in a million years.

The design of the Global Atomic Travel Alarm Clock is sleek, self-standing chrome and titanium colored acrylic case. It is very compact and fits perfectly on anyone’s luggage or can stand alone in your night stand or desk at home. It has legible digital display with hour, minute, and second. It also has day and month display too. Furthermore, it adds luminescent lighting for easy viewing at night. Packable in a travel bag due to handy size and shape, the nice sleek design is a great plus for Seiko’s Global alarm clock.

The ascending beep alarm with snooze is also a handy feature so that it does not shock you instantly. It also has automatic alarm stops after 1 minute. Additional features of this travel clock are: dim amber light, calendar, and thermometer.

Whether on my bed stand at home or while in another country, this travel alarm clock is easy to use and read with its user-friendly layout. Now, you will never be able again with your flight as you oversleep with that leisure trip. Therefore, it makes the ideal gift for your traveling dad.