Elite Sessions – A Review of the Elite Sessions Internet Marketing Coaching Course

Elite Sessions: so what is it exactly and why should I care?!? If you’ve just entered the internet marketing scene and are a bit lost as to where to go next, or you’re a frustrated marketer who’s had their business bit in the butt lately by the search engines and the ever-changing landscape, you owe it to yourself to get some clear direction, and the audios and accompanying transcripts from these eleven GIANTS if the internet marketing field can’t help but get you off on the right foot. The content contained in Elite Sessions is priceless, (or more correctly would cost you a fortune if you paid these people individually!) and will likely save you from either going in the wrong direction or continuing in that fashion.

Elite Sessions is a collection of eleven 90+ minute audio MP3’s along with accompanying transcripts of intense internet marketing coaching on from some of the biggest names in the industry today. To get this kind of coaching from this brat pack individually would set you back more than $50,000, this from the likes of names like Russell Brunson, Jack Humphrey, Keith Baxter, Mike Filsaime, Mark Joyner, Gary Ambrose, Brad Fallon, Michael Plante, Joe Balestrino, Marc Lindsay, and Sherman Hu.

These guys in 19+ hours of golden instruction cover everything from SEO, Google Arbitrage (my favorite!), Keyword Research, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Buzz Marketing, Joint Ventures, Viral Marketing and Web 2.0.

If I were to raise one complaint with this course it is that it’s too much material. You’re left wondering what to so next, as you’ve been presented with so much! (Calm down, and take one thing, and get really good at it and then attack the next one!)

Elite Sessions come with an 8-week money back guarantee, so it’s really like a free trial.

Experience is everything in business, and you can spend years and bucks trying to get it and still be off. This course is full of up-to-date, actionable steps to get you going in the right direction.