SEO Article Submission – Master the Process and Enjoy Stronger Presence Fast

Distributing SEO articles to different places in the online arena is probably the best thing that you can do to make your online presence felt. Through this, people will easily know if you’re really somebody that they should pay attention to. If your articles are really good and if they speak volumes about your authority in your niche, you can expect people to take you seriously.

Aside from making sure that your articles are of high quality, you also need to ensure that they’re search engine-friendly. Obviously, nobody will pay attention to a single thing you say if people can’t find you in the online arena.

Clueless as to how you can effectively write and distribute SEO articles online? Then, follow these very simple steps and you’ll surely be able to learn and master the process in no time at all:

  1. Find the best keywords to target. The very first thing that you need to do is to identify the keywords that are currently popular among your target audience. Make use of keyword suggestion tools to make this task a lot easier. Simply key in your niche and you’ll get a list of the most searched words and phrases. The best keywords to target are those that are not overly competitive and those that have at least 3 words.
  2. Choose your topics. You’ll surely find it much easier to choose your topics if you know the keywords that are usually being used by your target audience. For example, if you want to target the phrase “affiliate marketing tips” you’ll know that you need to offer expert advice and insider tips related to affiliate marketing in order to address the learning needs of your target audience.
  3. Write high quality articles. Forget about the keywords first when putting together your content. Instead, focus your attention on making your readers happy. Load your articles with useful information. This may mean offering your readers with the best solutions to their problems or helping them reach their goals. Share your ideas using simple terms and short sentences. Keep your articles short and easy to skim through.
  4. Insert the keywords. You can use more than one keyword in each of your articles. Just make sure that you have one primary keyword (PK) and at least secondary keywords. Insert your PK where search spiders can easily see it. The best places would be on your title, on the first sentence of the article, at least once on each paragraph, and on the last 90 characters. You can sprinkle the secondary keywords all throughout the article body just ensure that they do make sense and that their keyword density is not more than 2% of your article word count.
  5. Get your SEO articles published. Last step is to submit your articles to directories. They’ll be accepted as long as they’re informative, 100% unique, properly optimized (they contain just the right amount of keywords), and as long as they don’t have inappropriate content, links, and blatant ads on the article body.