Carbuncles: Symptoms, Risk Factors, Treatments and Preventative Measures of Skin Abscesses

Carbuncles are painful skin abscesses larger in size than boils. Whereas a boil may have only one opening onto the skin through which pus is released, a carbuncle may have numerous openings through which pus drains. You might think of a carbuncle as a collection of several boils.

The infection is usually caused by staph, although other types of bacteria, viruses or parasites could cause the infection. Staph infections are highly contagious, something that is important for people with a family to remember. It is possible to transmit the infection to another member of your family.

What Increases Your Risk of Carbuncles?

An existing health problem such as diabetes will make you more susceptible to all types of infections, because your immune system is weaker. Other than that, any excessive friction on the skin’s surface can damage the skin just enough to allow bacteria to enter the pores and cause the painful infection. Shaving and friction from clothing are examples of things to watch out for.

What Reduces Your Risk?

Using a good shaving lubricant and a natural antibacterial cleanser may reduce your risk. Antibacterial cleansers containing triclosan may actually contribute to stronger bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic treatment and cause even more serious infections.

A good natural antibacterial agent is Active Manuka Honey. Men who shave their faces should use a facial fluid containing witch hazel as an aftershave, rather than the more popular alcohol-based aftershaves. The alcohol can contribute to irritation and inflammation. Witch hazel is a soothing astringent.

How to Treat Existing Carbuncles

The carbuncle must drain before it can heal. The drainage typically begins on its own within two weeks. You should see your doctor if:

• The condition has not improved after two weeks

• The abscess is located on your spine or in the middle of your face

• You have a fever

To promote healing and drainage, you should apply a warm moist cloth to the area several times a day. Do not squeeze or try to cut it open. You could cause the infection to spread.

Wash the area gently with warm water at least once a day. Pat the area dry and apply a good body lotion. I recommend an Active Body Lotion to promote healing and reduce the risk of recurring carbuncles.

Why Natural Active Body Lotion Works

A Good Body Lotion contains high concentrations of natural ingredients with proven medicinal activity.

The ingredients and their benefits include:

• Vitamin B5-helps repair skin tissue

• Active Manuka Honey-helps heal the infection, because of its anti-bacterial activity

• Functional Keratin-reduces the inflammation, redness, pain and swelling

• What are the Benefits of Continued Use?

If you continue to use the Active Body Lotion on a daily basis, you will be less likely to have carbuncles, because of the activity of manuka honey and functional keratin.

Your skin will be softer, smoother and healthier. You will see old scars and stretch marks fade away. Your skin will look younger, possibly younger than it has in years.

• Additional Recommendations

Since carbuncles are contagious, clothing and bedding should be washed in bleach to help kill the staph bacteria. Surfaces should be washed down regularly with bleach, alcohol or an effusion of essential oils. Staph can live on surfaces for several weeks.

To strengthen your immune system, you should take a good multi-nutritional supplement and an omega-3 fish oil supplement on a daily basis. I recommend Total Balance supplements, because they contain more than your basic vitamins and minerals. They contain a wide variety of natural anti-inflammatories and immune system boosters.

• What You Should Do Now

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