Speed Reading And Increasing Your Knowledge

You do not have to be a genius to learn to read faster. The ability to learn to read faster and take in more information is not so hard to achieve. The enormous benefit to increasing your speed will enable you to take in the vast amount of information that can be of value in your daily life. Reading faster will give you an advantage with any learning in school, college or workplace.

To be able to read a book, for instance, in one sitting is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility. For those that have to point out every word or read text out load this may seem almost impossible to them.

There is a way of increasing your reading speed that is not so hard to learn.

Periphery of vision is the key and exercising the eye muscles comes into play.

Your eyes are constantly roaming from one position to another on each page. This process is called a saccade. Saccade means rapid movement of both of the eyes and involves the frontal eye fields.

One word each saccade is only possible for some people and it means that they will have to go through the process of performing many saccades each line of text they are reading.

When speed-reading the text per individual line will be absorbed by the reader much faster and less saccades per line will be needed. The ability to take in one whole paragraph at a time is not beyond some individuals, such is the level of speed they have reached.

It is the speed of leaps between saccades, which will enable anyone to attain this kind of achievement.

Training the eye muscles to scan quicker will make your mind follow and take in what you have read much faster.

Specific eye exercises, which include lateral eye movement, can help the eye muscles move and react faster to allow you to speed read.

Resting your eyes is important and this cannot be forgotten. Always take a break when reading, as you do not want to strain and over-stress the eyes.

Speed reading has the potential to increase reading speed by three or four times with practice and proper training. You can not only improve your speed with a speed reading course, but you can learn to implement strategies to improve your concentration. Think of how much more information and knowledge can be absorbed and put to good use in your daily life.