Why Natural Eyesight Improvement Works

Why Your Eye Doctor Will Never Tell You About Natural Eyesight Improvement

Natural eyesight improvement is something that your eye doctor or optician either doesn’t know about, or doesn’t want you to know about.

I have attended many lectures for opticians and eye doctors. I also have some friends who are eye doctors, and what I find kind of shocking, is that none of these eye ‘specialists’ are ever taught about natural eyesight improvement in their lectures.

A few of my friends have actually gone on to learn about natural eyesight improvement on their own. Yet they continue to prescribe glasses and contact lenses for their patients.

I asked my friend Faysal, an optician, why it is that he uses natural eyesight improvement exercises on himself, but refuses to teach it to his patients. I won’t go into all of the details here, but I found out from Faysal that there are many reasons for an optician not to even mention natural eyesight improvement to you, let alone take the time to teach you about it.

In fact, it is even in the optician’s interest to tell you that eye exercises to improve vision do NOT work. The reasons behind this are both legal and financial.

It is an optician’s job to prescribe glasses and contact lenses, it is NOT an optician’s job to improve your eyesight.

By telling you that you don’t really need glasses is the same as telling you that you do not need his/her services. And an optician could tell this to almost everyone with visual disturbances. If he did, he would no longer have a job!

Why Natural Eyesight Improvement Works

Natural eyesight improvement works because good eyesight depends on many factors, most of which we can change.

A huge misconception when it comes to your eyesight, is that the only thing that affects your eyesight is the shape of your eyes and the shape of the lens inside the eye.

However research has shown that ‘seeing’ is a very active and dynamic process. Even when you are staring at a single point on a wall, your eyes are making hundreds of tiny unconscious movements every split-second!

These tiny unconscious eye movements are NEEDED for clear vision. With every one of these tiny movements, there is an error of refraction which blurs your vision. The more rapid these unconscious eye movements, the smaller the errors of refraction and the clearer the vision.

The reason that MOST people get poor vision is not that their eyes go out of shape or that the lens inside the eye can no longer perform as well as it used to do. But that over time, the eyes develop poor habits that prevent them from performing as well as they used to.