Aquarius Soul Purpose

Every human has a purpose and a mission in this life. And whatever your unique gifts, your purpose is to contribute those gifts and make life better for everyone.

The greatest gift Spirit ever gave you was the potential to make something wonderful of your life and be an inspiration to others. God made sure that every opportunity you would ever need was already here and waiting for you, on the day you were born. What kind of logistics must that have required? All you have to do is make use of what you were born with.

Your talents and potential are your natural abilities. They are what you will contribute to life. Not everyone is born an artist, obviously, but everyone can do something artistic. Not everyone will have your gifts and talents, but you can make a difference in the quality of life for others by using your gifts. You have many things you are good at Aquarian.

You can also learn quite easily from the mistakes of others. Let’s take a look at one angry Aquarian. In 1939 Irish Aquarian, playwright, author and anarchist, Brendan Behan was arrested in Liverpool for carrying explosives for the IRA. He was sentenced to 18 months at a boys prison, where he began writing. Later he was sentenced to 14 years for shooting a police officer. He was quoted as saying, “When I came back to Dublin I was court martialed in my absence and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence.” A clever anarchist. But really, what did it get him but jail time? Behan and the IRA are an example of people who feel unheard. Aquarians have a reputation for carrying their message to extremes and Behan did just that. His Life’s Work was to be heard, or to be the voice of the many unheard, although he went about it in a radical way which cost him dearly. It is the prolonged lack of being unheard that leads to the crazy reputation Aquarians are famous for. Communication is a big part of every Aquarian’s Life Work.

Is your life a living chaos? It may have something to do with the lessons your Soul is trying to learn. With an Aquarian, chaos is the method to get to the lesson. Not always a good one. Often the lesson is to shake things up and do something new. Chaos didn’t become a part of your life because Mercury was retrograde (sorry all you other astrologers who think so), or because the moon was wobbling void of course. Your life is in chaos because this is the consequence of the choices you have made. If you wanted a life of peace, you would have been born under a different sign. I wonder if that’s what the band Cream was referring to when they sang Born Under A Bad sign. Peace isn’t always what an Aquarian is really looking for. Change is your driving force.

You can simplify your life by learning to capitalize on your God-given gifts. Or you can ignore them. The choice is always yours. If you can just accept that everything that has happened in your life so far is right on target with your Life’s Work and Soul’s Goal you can avoid making anarchist mistakes that will hurt you in the long run.

We humans are a strange breed. We wander around in mental, emotional and spiritual fogs for years. Sometimes for lifetimes. We make the same mistakes over and over, never really knowing how to change what’s not working. We don’t have to wander aimlessly anymore. The secret to moving forward with your Life’s Work is to GET THE LESSON! That’s it. It’s that simple. What was I supposed to learn from this? And then move on to the next lesson.

Your soul lessons are:

  • Learn to work in groups.
  • Tell the truth, even if it hurts.
  • Welcome change.
  • Become reliable, dependable and accountable.
  • Think and do outside the box.

For those who are not Aquarians, know that your Aquarian friends and loved ones are some of the most thoughtful and change-inspiring humans on the planet. So what if they’re a little odd. They have something important to teach you. Let them in.