Piano Hand Workouts Designed To Enable You To Practice Like The Pro Players

Hao Huango of Piano Education at Scripps College asserts that piano hand exercises should be executed by the pianist to keep nimble and flexible fingers. Just as sports athletes use muscles, so do pianists. Daily tendon and muscle routines keeps them stretched and powerful. The work outs allow you to engage in many musical styles effectively.

Play musical scales to exercise your hands. Make sure your posture is correct when you’re at the piano. The reason your posture is so important, it helps keep the rest of the body properly aligned. Place your right hand on the keys. Beginning with you thumb, play growing notes, moving up the scale with each finger. Start slowly. Use different fingers to play the notes. Work at defining your notes eloquently. Go backwards when you get to the top note. Relax your pinky, and finish the note with your thumb. The stronger you become, increase your speed.

To help relax your muscles, massage your hands and forearms. This minimizes stress while you play. Place a tennis sized ball on sturdy exterior. Gently and slowly, roll your forearm back and forth along the ball. Maintain relaxed shoulders. Relax about 30 seconds after you’ve done this for a minute. Turn your arm until your forearm is palm-upward on the table. Now place the ball in your opposite hand. Gently roll the ball over your wrist, hand and forearm. After doing this for a minute, take a 30 break, then repeat it throughout the day.

One of the basics of playing the piano is ensuring that you palms are stretched. Put your right palm over your left palm. Your right arm will be facing left and your left are pointing right. Set your hands in front of your chest. Link your thumbs and your pinky. At this point, your three middle fingers should touch your palms. Gently press your hands together and spread your palms. Keep your hands like this for 10 seconds. Stop pressing your hands together and relax. Duplicate this exercise twice.

To elongate and sustain your fingers, curl them. Put your right hand in the correct position on the piano. Arch your fingers to make your hand look like you’re hold a ball. Put your fingers above the correct piano keys. Act as though you’re playing a staccato note and move your index finger quickly. Do this with each finger five times. Relax four seconds between each. Don’t forget to exercise your left hand. Hitting the keys and holding the notes for two seconds is another exercise curling your fingers. As you get more and more comfortable, start exercising with both hands at the same time.