The Chakra Diaries Inspires With the Healing Power of Love

Becca Chopra has just released The Chakra Diaries, new age fiction that is unique in that it inspires and teaches as well as entertains with its romance and drama. You can balance your own chakras as you journey with the workshop participants through muck and mire to greater health, happiness, and enlightened love. At the beginning of each chapter, there are chakra meditations that the reader can use to balance and heal their own lives too.

The seven chakras are the vital energy centers within the body, associated with our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, according to ancient yogic tradition. The Chakra Diaries illustrates how the chakras affect us in the issues we all face today – in our abilities to be self-confident, loving, creative, intuitive and successful in all areas of life.

Many of their experiences recounted in the “novel life stories” have been shared either by myself or my friends and colleagues and it was wonderful to see how the characters overcame their blocked chakras through meditation, guided visualization, color and crystal therapy and yoga poses.

The book begins with the workshop leader explaining, “I never promised a road map to miracles. Yet, the men and women in my chakra workshop were seeking to find romance and riches, removed the ghosts of the past, fight depression and even beat death.” Through the inspiration of chakra balancing, and opening their hearts to the healing power of love, miracles do occur.

The reader too, will find themselves stirred to find the true meaning of love.