History And Benefits of Sandwich Maker

There was a time when eateries and food joints were not present in abundance, and travelers could not eat hot food. In those times, they made sandwiches and ate them while they were on a move. These sandwiches were made with an apparatus that was held over the fire to cook the food.

History of Sandwich Maker:

A sandwich is generally made of two slices of bread with meat, cheese or vegetable stuffing in the middle. Till the mid-20th century, Australians and South Africans used a sandwich maker to make their sandwiches when they were traveling. This tool was not electricity operated and was made of two square pieces of cast iron that were clamped together. This setup was then held over the fire with the help of tongs or handles. With this heat, the food used to get cooked letting the cheese melt and the meat soften. This tool was largely used during camping when people did not have provision of cooking a full meal.

With time, when things evolved, it started being operated with the help of electricity. It was the same setup but the heat that was provided was through electrical wiring. This electrical appliance was covered with a heat proof material so that heat could not escape and cooking of the food could be evenly done without losing the flavours of the item being cooked.

Benefits of Sandwich Maker:

There are quite a few advantages of using it to prepare sandwich, an easy to make, and delectable dish. The advantages are as follows.

• It is compact and can be easily stored in the kitchen. Most of these appliances are small and do not need too much space.

• This is portable too. It can be easily carried as well, if you are travelling to a place where you might need it.

• You can clean it easily as the parts of this appliance are detachable. Some sandwich makers are dishwasher safe as well and hence removing stains and oil marks is not difficult.

• It is healthy to use a sandwich maker as this appliance helps you get rid of excess oil making the food oil free and healthy, yet delicious. They are manufactured in such a way that too much oil is not required to make the sandwiches and whatever oil you pour into the gadget, the optimum amount is used. Sandwich makers use grease eliminators, hence resulting in healthy cooking.

• This appliance can be used to make waffles, omelets, grilled food, or simply to heat ready to eat food. Varied functions make sandwich makers a multi-purpose item. Some of the gadgets come with grilled structure that gives the sandwiches a grilled look.

• Sandwich maker can be used as a multi-purpose kitchen appliance as it can be used for heating as well as grilling.

Since the sandwich makers are reasonably priced, people find them affordable. This appliance is one of the must have items in the kitchen. It is an affordable gifting option as well.