Penis Enlargement Exercises 101 – The Exact Exercises I Used to Transform My Penis Into a Monster

Natural penis enlargement exercises is known to truly increase the length and girth of your penis, nevertheless there are many things that factor into the effectiveness of the exercises to enlarge your penis. So what needs to be done so you can get the most of these exercises?

Penis Exercises

The first thing you need to know is that the effectiveness of these exercises relies on you doing it regularly and consistently. Just like any other exercise program you should do it for a specific number of days for a specific number of times for it to have any effect at all and you must realize that if you don’t do it consistently for a couple of months, the exercise will not be effective.

Secondly, again with any exercise program warm ups, stretching and cool downs are quite importance as it prepares the muscle, in this case the penis, for the exercise. Warm up is important since this helps increase the blood flow to the penis, one of our ultimate goals and to do this you can wrap a warm towel around your penis for a couple of minutes, just keep in mind that doing this will help maximize the effects of the exercises technique you will be doing.

3 Main Exercises For Penis Enlargement

Jelq – this exercise has been around for centuries and has been utilized by countless men to help improve their penis size. Even men from the earliest centuries realized the value of having a big penis. It was said that jelq came from an Arab country where the young were taught the technique so they will have big penises as they grow up.

Penis Pull – or penis stretching, it has some form of similarity to jelq but you can use one hand in doing this while 2 hands are needed for jelq.

Kegels Exercise – is used to exercise the pubococcygeus muscle, this will help you control your erection and allow you to have a longer and harder erection.

Aside from kegels, these exercises works by disrupting the tissues of the penis and then rebuilds it by letting blood flow through the disrupted tissues to fill it up with new ones. This continuous disrupting and rebuilding allows for you to gain enough new tissue mass to have that larger penis you always wanted.

Now kegels work the muscles that control your erection and ejaculation so aside from aiding in enlarging your organ it also helps by providing you with control over your erection so you can have it on for longer and harder providing the greatest pleasure for you woman yet.

Now you know the natural penis enlargement exercises, you should learn them and put them to practice you’ll have your dream penis in no time.