Learning German Online or By Attending a Course?

Currently teaching via the Internet has expanded greatly in the development of the global communications network. There are many courses that are offered online. I think you can learn from these courses. However, the lack of personal contact with the teacher is something I see as a disadvantage, because when you are in direct contact with a teacher can absorb much more than seeing this person through a screen or just listening to him through the headset. In personal contact all our senses are working, while in an online connection they only work in sight and hearing. For that reason, I think a good way to learn a foreign language, is taking classes at a school or college or with a private teacher. Naturally, classes with a private tutor are more expensive.

Indeed, by learning a language is good the experiences you can have. For example, if you decide to go to learn a language to the country of origin, you will have direct experiences there that will make you learn and understand more about the language. If you want to learn German and decide to take a German course at one of the many institutes existing in the country, you are going to learn better through daily experience you will have there. Besides taking lessons, you can practice the language when entering a warehouse and buy something, or go to a cafe for a drink, take a taxi or a bus to get around or maybe knowing someone with whom you will become friends – whichis a powerful experience, and this person will help you learn and correct mistakes when talking with her.

Of course there are cases of people who have never been to the country that speaks the language of their interest. I know a person who speaks fluent German and has never been to Germany. But this person has studied all required courses in a language school to master that tongue. Furthermore, she works for a company that does business in Germany and often she has contact by writing and speaking with German people.

Now, it’s not that learning a language online is not effective. You can also learn online and have to work hard for it. But you have to support that learning with other activities like taking a course at a college or also personal lessons with a private teacher. The positive aspect of online learning is that you can better manage your schedule, and you can do the lessons at your convenience and have the time for it. What it will need is to have great desire and energy and, above all, the most important thing is to commit oneself to learn and practice the language at least ten minutes a day. That must be a commitment not to avoid complying, then to learn a language you need perseverance, patience and hard work.

Finally, something I would like to mention too, is that one should not worry much about the errors that may be committed and for sure there will be many. But at the beginning you shouldn’t be discouraged if you make mistakes and take these as opportunities presented to learn and become better. Neither you should be too shy to talk. You must engage in talking and on this way you will learn of the mistakes. If you don’t try to talk you won’t ever exercise your pronunciation. When someone corrects a word you have mispronounced, it becomes a lesson that is priceless, and then the correction will be recorded in our memory and come to us when needed.