Best MBA School Rankings

A number of publications and educational organizations publish rankings of top MBA schools annually. Ranking of business colleges is hardly an exact science, and is therefore is not for the faint of the heart. Only the most renowned publications will even attempt to rank them. Of the foremost of these rankings are by Business Week, the Economist, as well as the Finance Times rankings. In this article, we will go over the methodology and the results of MBA school rankings by these publications.

Business Week Rankings

The Business Week MBA school rankings are presented for six different heads: Undergraduate MBA, EMBA, Full Time MBA, Part-time, Executive education, and distance education. The rankings are generally presented for United States only, except in the case of Full Time MBA, where the magazine has ranked non-US colleges too. The methodology used by the magazine consists of taking a survey of students and recruiters, accounting for median salary for graduates, for the SAT score of business majors, faculty-student ratio, class size among other factors. The top business school ranked by the university is University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Financial Times Rankings

The Financial Times Business School rankings are published for five different types of colleges or courses: for MBA, EMBA, Executive Education courses, Master in Management programs, and for top European Business schools. The Financial Times has the best presentation of its results: the site allows you to interactively see the rankings for various types of degrees. You can evaluate the programs and college by different criteria such as value for money, the average salary of the alumni after graduation, placement of students etc. The top business school rated under the MBA section of the FT rankings is the London School of Business. The second ranked school is Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

The Economist Rankings

The Economist brings out yearly rankings it calls “Which MBA”. It brings out rankings for four different geographical regions: Asia and Australasia, Europe, North America, and finally a Global ranking of Full Time MBA colleges. The Global ranking is mostly dominated by schools from United States, with the Tuck School of Business from Dartmouth College ranked at the top. The methodology used by The Economist consists of first selecting 130 most prestigious business schools from around the world, and inviting them to take part in a survey. Of these 130, fifteen schools were not ranked, and from among the rest of 115 schools, the top 100 were ranked based on the results from the survey.