Home Bread Baking

What about that smell of fresh baked bread. Does it smell good, or what? It takes you back to grandma’s place when we were young. She always cooked her own bread. It was always fresh and hot when we went for a visit. And that kitchen was just full of that lovely smell. You don’t see it as much now. We are much too busy to be baking bread. It does take a little work not that they had any options in the old days. Now we just pop into the bakery or local supermarket and grab a loaf off the shelf. But is it real bread. Is it anything like real bread that they used to make in the old days with their home bread making.

The kids these days will only eat that horrible white stuff they call bread. Sorry if you like white bread but it does leave a lot to be desired. Take a couple of slices of fresh white bread and squeeze them together in your hand. What do you get. A ball of dough. Heavy, soggy, wet dough. You know what happens when you eat that stuff. They reckon that it takes about three days for white bread to pass through your digestive system. That is three days that ball of dough is laying about inside you causing goodness knows what. They think maybe it could be one of the causes of bowel cancer later in life.

Still, that’s what kids want and that’s what they get. Shame that kids are like that. My kids used to eat my homemade healthy bread that I used to bake in our wood fired oven. It had all sorts of grains in it and bran. My kids can still remember sitting down at school to one of my big fat healthy sandwiches for lunch. Still, it was hard work always making bread. I used to do up 6 loafs at a time about twice a week. A bonus though was on some Sundays. When it was our turn to have someone over for Sunday lunch we would leave a big pot of home made vegetable soup simmering on the stove all morning. When we got home from church I would whip up a batch of my home made fresh bread rolls. Sunday lunch was always a hit.

Today we are lucky. We can return to the days of good old home made bread. Healthy bread made with healthy ingredients. The new wave of bread makers are here and make the whole process very easy. Fully programmable and automatic you can have a fresh hot loaf ready whenever you like. Want to wake up to fresh bread Sunday morning. Want to have fresh hot dinner rolls ready for your guests. What about cinnamon raisin bread or honey wheat, rosemary, cranberry oat, hearty rye, cheese onion focaccia, classic French bread or any other recipe you fancy.

Can you see the benefit. Find a healthy bread that your family likes and enjoys. You will love serving something healthy and they will love you for it. Check out a new bread maker now and you can be home bread baking. There are plenty of bread makers about. Check the store qualifications. Check the customer reviews. As long as you can find 4/5 stars and plenty of happy customers you will on the right track. But most of all, get your family eating healthy bread and ban that horrible commercial white stuff.