Contemporary Trends: Diamond Rings For Men

While rings and other types of fancy jewelry have traditionally been associated with women, wedding and engagement pieces like diamond rings for men have become increasingly common in recent years. These days, both men and women already sport a variety of designs, from traditional round cuts to customized princess cuts. The double wedding ring set, in particular, is now considered a staple in modern-day wedding rituals.

The Birth of Diamond Rings for Men

It was during the late 19th century when wedding bands became a popular trend in marriage rituals. Before that, it was only women who wore bands; and even then, diamond rings for brides were quite rare. Most grooms during those times did not wear any wedding bands. Jewelry manufacturers and sellers sought to penetrate this market by selling the idea of double wedding ring sets. However, the typical package for men included only plain gold bands. It was in the mid-20th century when diamond rings for men entered the limelight. The jewelry industry at the time all gathered under the clever and classic marketing slogan, “Diamonds are forever.” It was that simple yet clever phrase, coined by some anonymous marketing executive from a popular jewelry corporation, De Beers, which drove the diamond industry to new heights. The new-found popularity of the diamonds would eventually reach the wedding jewelry niche and soon, couples came in droves, paying good money for quality diamond rings for both the groom and the bride.

A Gentleman’s Options

Diamond rings for men are now preferred when choosing for a double ring wedding set. Like with women, the diamond rings for men come in various styles and cuts. Guys can also choose the type of metal to be used for the band itself. Currently, the top choices include white, yellow and red gold. However, there are more and more couples now choosing less traditional options like tungsten and palladium. Part of the appeal of these unconventional metals lies in their inherent durability. These are believed to be stronger and more valuable than gold.

Round diamond cuts remain to be quite popular in double wedding ring sets. An equally in-demand alternative comes in the form of princess cuts. Guys can choose from a variety of shapes. Some companies leave the center stone of the ring un-mounted. This allows for customers to customize their jewelry and choose the gem that they prefer. Some jewelers will even assist customers in designing their very own ring. While customized diamond rings may come with a higher price tag, customers can also be assured of a unique and personalized piece of jewelry.

Price Tag

One can find rings that cost from a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars. The cut, the carat, the metal and the number of gems all affect the costs. Many double wedding ring packages also include the engagement rings. Most experts will advise on following a general rule of thumb where the complete cost will fall under a six month’s salary. Of course, diamond rings are not only limited to weddings and engagements. Some couples now exchange promise rings at the start of a budding relationship while long-term spouses exchange eternity rings during a milestone wedding anniversary. For such occasions, jewelers can also craft specially designed mens diamond rings.