Some Reasons Your Personal Prophecy Might Not Come to Pass

There are many people in the Christian community that doubt their personal prophecies that have been spoken over their life by someone. There are a few reasons why a personal prophecy may seem not to come to pass that I can think of, and this is the subject of this article.

Things you need to do that you don’t do

In many personal prophecies there exist instructions from God that He wants you to follow. These can vary from person to person. To a person who God wants to use in the ministry, God might say He wants the person to spend more quality time with Him. To the same person who is going to preach, God may say that He wants the person to spend more time in the Word of God. Now if God wants to share nuggets of information with the person and the person does not spend quality time with God or spend time in the Word, then the chances of God being able to use the person effectively in ministry are diminished. Therefore, a prophecy that says this person is going to be used in ministry can be thwarted.

The prophecy is delayed

God works on His own timetable, and if you have spent enough of your life following God, you will know that He does not always do things when we want Him to do them. A personal prophecy can seem as though it is not coming to pass when it still is a true prophecy that is simply being delayed for God’s own reasons.

One major reason why a personal prophecy can be delayed is that God wants to build your character more before the desirable parts of the prophecy are fulfilled.

Another reason why a prophecy can be delayed is like we said at the beginning: you have not done your part. When you finally do your part, and you spend quality time with God and His Word, then the prophecy might be fulfilled.

The prophet spoke his own words instead of God’s

Sometimes when a person has a need for healing or for finances or for doors to open for ministry, or any need for that matter, the need of the person coming to the prophet can tug on the heart strings of the prophet and cause the prophet to speak a word of the Lord presumptuously. The prophet can speak words in the prophecy that don’t come from God but are more wishful thinking on the part of the prophet for the person being ministered to. When wishful words are spoken that are not words from God’s mouth, God is not honour-bound to fulfil these words.

The flesh or a wrong spirit had a part to do with the word

People that minister in the prophetic are often rejected people and, therefore, desire to be loved and accepted more than other people. This can lead a prophetic person to say nice words to people in the hope people will like the prophetic words and, therefore, like the person prophesying. This practice of speaking nice words in a prophecy in addition to what God is speaking is adding flesh to a prophecy. This is one reason why Paul says that we should test all prophecies and hold fast to what is good.

Another way a prophecy can be wrong is if a false spirit spoke through the prophet. I have had this happen through me to a person, so I know that this is possible. It is important to give a prophet feedback on your prophetic word. I never knew that this was possible until that a person gave me feedback and told me that the prophecy made her want to give up her Christian faith.

So, as we have covered, there are a few reasons prophecies may seem not to be coming true in your life. I hope you have learned something.