Eat Yourself Skinny! 15 Powerful Super Foods to Rev Up Metabolism Right From Your Own Grocery Store

Here are the latest 15 powerful super foods that you should find at your local grocery store that will rev up your metabolism leaving your waist looking and feeling better than before.

1. Fennel Tea

Fennel tea should be drunk prior to sleeping. It detoxifies the body, boosts digestion and absorption of nutrients and reduces fat storage, while it resets the cravings and cleanses the taste buds.

If your grocer doesn’t stock it most health stores will.

2. Beans

It’s the resistant starch that keeps you full for so long as half the calories consumed cannot be broken down so thus pass on out through your stool.

More importantly they contain butyrate which burns fat faster while reducing blood sugar levels.

Passing wind more regularly is often stated as a common side effect for eating more beans but fear not – the more you eat, the more healthy bacteria you will build up that will help you digest them better.

3. Pine Nuts

Pine nuts also suppress hunger. Recent studies showed women who consumed a shot glass full of pine nuts a day helped naturally reduce their food consumption by 37%.

Pine nuts contain pinolenic acid which sends signals to the brain telling you the stomach isn’t hungry.

They also contain the highest natural protein content than any other nut known.

4. Crimini Mushrooms

It’s their moorish meaty flavor that when blended with some ground beef or turkey will provide a deliciously tasty meal containing more than half the fat than if you combined it with cooked meat.

Great for tacos, burgers and meat based dishes and high in healthy fibres.

5. Avocado’s

Mono-unsaturated fats of MUFAS as they’re termed are tremendously healthy fats that certain nuts like avocado produce along with olive oil and seeds.

MUFAS provide good consistent stable levels of energy which are now included in some of the western fat burning supplements that are also packed with whole grains and green tea or GTC (green tea catechins).

6. Apples

All fruit should be eaten before the main meal as opposed to after as more of the fruits healthy nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream and apples are no exception.

Pectin in apples helps reduce the amount of calories and sugar that are absorbed when you then go on to have your main dish, so useful to know if you want to fend off type 2 diabetes.

Pectin also prevents your blood sugar levels peaking as when this occurs fat storage levels increase

Alternatively, on the opposite side of the spectrum apples also diminish the blood sugar “crash”, therefore you stay fuller for a further couple of hours keeping you comfortably satiated.

7. Raspberry Ketone’s

Adiponectin is a protein which regulates your metabolic rate.

Ketone is the primary aroma compound found in red raspberries which specifically moderates adiponectin, by speeding up the rate at which fat is broken down in your blood cells.

Recommended dosage of Ketone for dieters is 100mg per day which is approximately 90 pounds of raspberries which obviously isn’t sustainable, so for maximum weight loss results Ketone can be now purchased in supplements at either your health food store or online.

8. Hot Chilli Peppers

Capsaicin not only helps increase fluidity to joints hence it’s included in many of the latest natural arthritic supplements, but it suppresses your appetite while mildly helping to rev up your metabolism.

Even some simple chili sauce from the jar will have a positive effect.

9. Vinaigrette Dressing – Vinegar

Vinegar slows the pace at which food is digested through the stomach, again contributing to the affect of making you feel fuller for longer.

It also prevents sugar spikes by regulating the absorption of carbs.

10. Pepitas (Squash Seeds & Pumpkin)

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like a number of sea creatures most notably sardines; pepitas are a cheaper and more accessible way to get your hands on a healthy fatty acid rich in natural protein and magnesium, which will strengthen your muscles and curb those binges.

The tastiest way to consume then can be to sprinkle a cups worth of roasted papitas on an evening meal ideally a few times a week.

11. Cinnamon

Almost identical to the relationship vinegar has with your body, cinnamon also stimulates glucose metabolism.

You can use cinnamon with a host of dishes and shakes like eggnog, or even with your morning cappuccino.

A delicious spice that should not go underused!

12. Chia Seeds

Popular among vegetarians, these seeds provide super high essential soluble fibers that will not just make you feel satiated but will also progressively regulate cholesterol levels.

Chia seeds can be consumed in dishes or even in cocktails with a dash of agave and a slice of lemon with fresh water.

13. Green Tea Catechins

There’s no getting away from green tea today when it comes to dieting, and although it may have been over-hyped to some extent one should not discard its weight loss attributes.

Green Tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate – EGCG, which boosts the hormone which makes you feel full, thus decreasing ones appetite.

The green tea catechins (GTC) are also responsible for a host of health benefits which may well prevent certain cancers.

While research is still being carried out, the correlation between the statistic based on the islanders of Okinowa who consume GTC daily and the fact that they have the lowest number of cancer cases per capita globally is not being scientifically ignored.

14. Red Lentils

Packed with fibre and wonderfully protein rich, just one cup of these little legumes will provide over three quarters of your required daily fibre intake.

Another way to prevent the cravings, they are a great substitute for meat dishes or can also be included in some of the latest adventurous smoothies.

15. Watermelon

One mustn’t just stick to the odd fruit so when it comes to dieting it has been conclusively proven that when women and men consume water rich foods daily, weight loss is inevitable.

Low fat diets seriously compliment this fruit; rich in vitamin C (wonderful for speeding up liver metabolism as well as detoxing this organ), watermelon is the “Daddy of Anti-Oxidants”, and with additional vast volumes of vitamin A and glutathione – these will boost the strength of your immune system overnight.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking however for a supplement that essentially works on 5 or 6 fronts:

  • 1. To detox your intestine.
  • 2. To help flush you arteries of toxins.
  • 3. To speed up your metabolism.
  • 4. To suppress your appetite.
  • 5. To suppress the absorption of rich calories.
  • 6. To burn unusually hard fat deposits faster.