Ten Tips for Stress Management – Taking Care of Your Body, Mind and Soul

People usually perceive stress as a purely mental state – we think that if we could control our thoughts, we would be able to eliminate stress from our lives. However, the first step to managing your stress is to take care of your body – this will help you have more energy, be more focused, and feel less stressed out.

Here are ten tips for stress management that you can use to improve your health and have more energy every day:

Get some fresh air every day. Whether it’s rain or shine, strive to get outside for at least 20 minutes each day. The fresh, clean air will rejuvenate you, and help clear out toxins that can cause stress.

Eat healthy, organic foods. This is one of the best tips for stress management. The vitamins and nutrients in organic fruits, vegetables, and grains will help your body get the nutrition it needs, so it can ward off disease, eliminate toxins from your bloodstream, and handle physical and mental stress.

Limit alcohol consumption. Many people under stress use alcohol to escape tension. However, alcohol only masks the effects of stress, instead of eliminating them. Not only that, alcohol poisons your body with toxins, making your organs work even harder to keep you going. This adds even more stress, especially when you notice your body isn’t working as well as it used to because of the alcohol you’re put into it.

Exercise every day. Exercise keeps your muscles limber and strong, releases endorphins that help elevate your mood, and flushes toxic chemicals out of your body. You don’t have to run a marathon or become a champion athlete – exercises such as walking or doing Tai Chi every day is one of the tips for stress management that you can easily implement without putting your body at risk.

Stay away from tobacco. We all know that tobacco products can cause a wide range of ailments, from respiratory problems to cancer. But nicotine also increases blood pressure and leads to hypertension, which will cause you to be more stressed. Like the other tips for stress management, avoiding tobacco products will also reduce your body’s need to eliminate harmful toxins from your bloodstream.

Get enough sleep. Finding enough time to get the proper rest can be difficult when you have a lot of tasks to attend to, but robbing your body of the sleep it needs will only cause you to be less effective, which can lead to – you guessed it – more stress. Going to bed at the same time every night will help ensure that your body and mind are sufficiently recharged, and ready to tackle each day.

Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is one of the primary causes of physical stress, which causes mental stress as well. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of filtered water each day will give your body the tools it needs to keep you healthy and stress-free.

Limit meat consumption. Sure, any dedicated carnivore will tell you that humans were designed to eat meat, but the fact is that your body expends far more energy digesting meat and eliminating its toxins than it expends on digesting grains, fruits, and vegetables. Cut your meat consumption in half, and your body will reward you with more energy and fewer illnesses.

Watch your fats. Most commercially available oils contain fats that are difficult for your body to process – this stresses your body, which will drain your energy and cause you to lack mental focus and clarity. Limit your intake of fats, and stick to natural fats such as olive and avocado oils. Smile! It may sound silly, but one of the most useful tips for stress management is to make sure you smile, and smile often. The muscle movements used in smiling promote the release of endorphins that will brighten your mood. So even if you’re feeling stressed out, smile – it will help you deal with all kinds of stressful tasks.