Dedication to Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy has been my meditation teacher and spiritual Master since 1994, and although he left this temporal world on the 11th October 2007, at 76 years young, my heart is filled with his loving presence and wisdom guidance, and dedicated to promoting his global peace vision. As one of Sri Chinmoy’s students, I am blessed, among many other things, to have received my spiritual name (Sahayak, meaning ‘God-server’) and to have been an active member of Sri Chinmoy’s global peace initiatives.

Founded on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy my daily meditation practice is at the core of my spiritual life. Sitting quietly early each morning I focus on the silent and peaceful rhythm of the breath. In this period of concentrated stillness I open myself to the expansiveness of universal love within the spiritual heart, the source of all that is divine, embracing, fulfilling and meangingful. Holding this deepest awareness of self, life is experienced in the unfolding sacredness of the present moment. From here the individual consciously interacts with others with enhanced purpose, clarity, wisdom and compassion. In this awakened way an individual can open heartedly offer their skills or capacities through their good-will, for their continued growth and the raising of the collective consciousness, remaining unattached to the efforts of their input (a binding of the recognition seeking ego mind). Within this spiritual freedom life unfolds in divine spontaniety willingly, energetically and selflessly.

Embracing a life based on meditation and the transformative benefits it brings is increasingly sought and practiced in the west. There are many reasons for this; Buddhist monks and nuns bring awareness of a peaceful meditative lifestyle: teachings and writings based on simplicity, wisdom and practice with little emphasis on material possessions. Transformative books written by yogis, spiritual Masters and illumined sages are widely read. Many spiritual groups self-givingly offer free meditation classes to the public. Eckhart Tolle, the author of the ‘The Power of Now’ brings practical and insightful awarenesses into the spiritual importance of living in the present moment. Spiritual communities around the world provide centres for nurturing and developing an individual’s spiritual understanding, practice and growth. Similiarly ashrams and monasteries offer sanctuaries for deeper self-inquiry and spiritual practice. And many western seekers have trekked to India and Asia seeking the wisdom of spiritual Masters, and a number of their teachers and their disciples have settled in the west, opening ashrams, spiritual communities, meditation, yoga and retreat centres.

Through a variety of traditions, respected teachers, spiritual Masters and their students have brought their philosophies of spiritual practice, inner transformation, dedicated-service, harmonious living and respect for Mother Earth. In this sacred tradition Sri Chinmoy is one such highly respected spiritual Master: a contemporary teacher of the highest wisdoms and insight. Following an inner calling Sri Chinmoy journeyed to the USA after spending 20 years developing his spiritual insights in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in southern India, which he entered at eleven years of age after many mystical experiences in his youth. Through his writings, poetry, sporting activities, music, art, humanitarian work, lectures, public meditations, the Peace Meditations at the United Nations, and the global network of over 300 Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centres dedicated to his meditative techinques, peace initiatives, spiritual teachings and healthy life-style choices, Sri Chinmoy’s transformative philosophy touches the hearts of countless individuals.

Finding Sri Chinmoy was not my doing – it was he who found me, after many years of my searching for happiness and self-understanding. There is an old Hindu saying, “when the student is ready the teacher shall appear”…this was certainly my case. Seeking the answers to the big questions of life through the wisdom and guidance of such a respected spiritual teacher was a conscious decision. For it was through Sri Chinmoy’s guidance and my meditative practice that I realised that the source of all that is meaningful – fulfilment, compassion, love, satisfaction and happiness – lies within. Not as western society would have us believe, that lasting happiness can come from outer achievements; career, relationships, wealth, possessions, or the ego’s false sense of happiness gained through control, power, approval, recognition or knowledge. Knowing now where lasting happiness lies, I shall continue through my meditative practice, service and self inquiry to transcend the limitations of the egoic mind, to open my heart further to the full realisation of the spiritual heart’s unconditional love, discernment and sincerity, in order to reach the pinnacle of self-transformation and self-knowing; sacred union with Spirit.

The life of Sri Chinmoy

For over 42 years Sri Chinmoy travelled extensively, promoting personal and international harmony. He inspired by offering hope, encouragement and spiritual guidance to his friends, supporters and students worldwide. He showed through his selfless meditative service-life that self-transcendence and dedicated service leads to new inner and outer realisations. Each new gain, no matter how small, further opens the heart and body to the individuals highest levels of achievement, satisfaction, self-knowledge, wisdom, joy and self-awareness -progressive steps towards fully realising their divine potential.

Sri Chinmoy’s capacities came through his oneness with the Divine. Again and again he showed that the spiritual heart was infinitely greater than the egoic mind. Through prayer, contemplation, meditative practice and service, the ego’s doubts, fears, insecurities, stresses, frustrations, expectations, unhappiness and jealousies can be overcome.

Sri Chinmoy’s loving heart touched the lives of countless individuals. He had the extraordinary ability to bring out the best, in all he met. He was admired and respected by sportspeople, musicians, artists, Noble Laureates, political, religious and spiritual leaders, humanitarians and ordinary citizens alike. He was a simple God-loving man, a humble peace pilgrim, who showed by his tireless spirit that so much is achievable, if we only dare to have faith in ourselves! To transcend the mind’s and body’s limitations requires courage, discipline, faith, conviction and perseverance – virtues Sri Chinmoy embodied and encouraged in others. His life was one of surrender guided by the highest calling to inspire and serve humanity. He never sought acclaim, he humbly, energetically and quietly dedicated his life’s purpose to God.

Sri Chinmoy wrote over 1,500 books on meditation and spirituality, painted over 200,000 canvasses, scribed over 100,000 poems, penned over 15,000,000 soul-birds, was a guest lecturer at dozens of the world’s leading universities where he was presented with honorary degrees for his global peace initiatives, writings and service to the world community. Sri Chinmoy offered to the public over 770 free musical Peace Concerts in many of the world’s leading concert venues. He was the founder of the Sri Chinmoy World Harmony Run – an annual global torch relay that has touched and inspired the lives of millions of individuals in over 100 countries, in a shared dream of global peace and international friendship. He also founded the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which through the network of the Sri Chinmoy meditation centres holds public running, swimming and cycling events in cities and towns globally, all in the name of fitness, self-transcendence and the joy gained through personal effort.

‘Oneness-Hearts, Tears and Smiles’ was the name given by Sri Chinmoy to his international humanitarian aid program. In requests from Ambassadors and Secretary Generals at the United Nations, large numbers of shipping containers and trucks filled with donated supplies collected voluntarily by his students, were distributed to communities, hospitals, orphanages and displaced peoples around the world. To help overcome the traumas of natural disasters countless numbers of orphaned school children received school kits, photos, artwork and warm messages of love from children of a similar age from around the world, in a sincere and unifying offering of kindness, loving support and friendship.

Sri Chinmoy composed over 20,000 meditative musical compositions in both his native language, Bengali, and English. These he regularly sang while playing his music instruments. In his youth Sri Chinmoy was the decathlon champion at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and continued his athletic pursuits by competing in marathons and longer distance running events after arriving in the USA. After his running career he began weightlifting at 55 years of age – to show that age should not be a barrier in the ongoing quest for self-transcendence. Sri Chinmoy lifted an astonishing variety of objects, some seemingly impossible. He explained that “when you lift in oneness with the unlimited power of the spiritual heart, not identifying with the mass of the object through the egoic mind, a great deal can be achieved.” This he inspiringly demonstrated for over 20 years until his passing.

Sri Chinmoy was fully aware of the challenges and obstacles faced by individuals in their life’s journey. He encouraged them to become the fullness of their self-giving hearts in following a meditative life in order to transcend the limitations of the body and mind, to willingly offer their best for the wellbeing of others. In the radiance of the heart’s loving oneness, the world is then felt and seen as a global family – each of its members united by unconditional love, respect and self-giving. As Sri Chinmoy ultimately saw and encouraged his students and friends to manifest in their lives – a oneness world family united by willing hands and loving kindness.

The imperative to apply this wisdom

Never before in human history has the transformation of the ego’s greed, hatred, intolerance, violence and selfishness been more imperative. Collectively we have virtually lost all sense of dignity for human life – millions are starving or oppressed; poverty, exploitation and abuse are increasing; unhappiness is epidemic; conflicts causing untold suffering continue. The natural environment continues to be decimated. We are living at a time where one’s connectedness to Spirit and all within the cosmos as a finely balanced interconnected organism is largely unknown or ignored.

So where do we turn to reverse this uncentred and uncaring paradigm, to return to the wisdom and the unconditional love of the heart, to bring unity and empathy back to our earth-home? I believe we need to realign ourselves with the realisation of the infinite potentiality of our Being. To become the dynamic expression of our creative, caring, compassionate and peace seeking souls. One pathway to these realisations lie in the contemplative wisdoms of the ascended spiritual Masters – enlightened souls like Sri Chinmoy, who have undertaken this remarkable journey and offer their timeless truths to those whose hearts are wounded by the conflicts, suffering and sadness of personal and global events.

Like a beacon the teachings of the Masters point the way, showing us that we are one entity, a divine creation of God, as yet unrealised. We are members of one world-family having diverse customs, cultures, beliefs and faiths, yet holding within our hearts the same longing – to be at, and to live in, love and peace. We are deprived from being in peace and realising these supreme truths by the vexations, resistance, restlessness, thinking and separateness of the dysfunctional ego mind. The spiritual Masters also show that Spirit – the intelligence that created all within the miracle of the universe – is the source of the power within us that is peace. Holding our awareness in the present we realise we are the unconditional love, the compassion, the intelligence, the pure consciousness and the abundance of the peaceful God-Self. But until we realise these higher truths and rise above the limited ego we shall remain in conflict, in unhappiness; caught by our outer identifications, distractions, thoughts, concepts, reactions, attachments, narcissism, depression, fears, hatred, illusions, fantasies and narratives of the fear based and self-identified ego mind.

Our capacity to be at peace will blossom once we accept and witness that what we largely base our personality upon – our form-identity – is in fact an artificial construct of the ego’s conditionings and defensive reactions, and deserves to be illumined. It is a shallow, false and constantly changing fragile construct upon which most lives are built, and one that is rarely transcended while it is trapped by inner turmoils, unwillingness, scepticism, emotional pain, fixed attitudes, the “I” of the selfish me, sadness of losses, attachments to the past, or the desires and expectations of gains or happiness in the future. You are not the limited ego, and when you become aware of the ego reacting in yourself, then you are not caught by it, but are the witness of its dysfunctions in the aliveness, openenss and ‘isness’ of the present moment.

Through sustained contemplation and spiritual practice we are increasingly able to deconstruct the limited ego, to transcend its false identifications and attachments and live as the boundless, formless and truthful Self. Once free of the ego’s uncentredness you are grounded in the infinite potentiality of the aspiring heart’s higher intelligence, in oneness with the Source, fully awake in the miracle of the Now. In fulfilling this life’s highest purpose, we become divine instruments for and the manifestors of the Light and wisdom that channels through us to bring the lasting changes we seek. To be peacefully and humbly living in and serving the world through the fullfilment of the loving presence of pure conscious awareness, the silent radiance of our highest selves, the Buddha, Atman, God, Spirit.

The momentum necessary for this the greatest of human realisations has begun and is increasing through the awakening consciousness of sincere aspirants. However for peace to be the supreme achievement of the collective consciousness, each of us needs to pursue and encourage this pilgrimage, this inner transformation; to be the rebirth of our divine potentiality. Only then can we live wholeheartedly in the selflessness, benevolence, joy and compassion of the heart’s unconditional love. And as the great teachers have seen, as this higher consciousness is manifested, trust, tolerance and understanding will become the new paradigm on earth…an age of spiritual fulfilment in oneness with Spirit; with enduring cooperation, support and goodwill. An enlightened era of peace, of creative expression, and intuitive insight where nations, communities and individuals can prosper and live sustainably, united as supportive members of one global family.

Blessings to all, Sahayak.