Why Part Time Work Culture Is Gaining Importance in Today’s Corporate World?

As Unemployment is gaining pace the trend is moving towards flexi time jobs. Every person wants stable income and job security whether they belong to senior level management or executives.

Last decade proved that there has been an increase in number of qualified individual in developing countries, job availability is less as compared to rising professionals that India Education system pours out. Even the person in job role is unable to gain increment and timely promotions, which has created job dissatisfaction and high attrition rate among the companies.

To compensate the decline in viable job, companies are shifting to part-time or Flexi Jobs. This has increased demand of part-time work culture. Work from home jobs, internship, freelancer, jobs for retired professionals, jobs for housewives, jobs for students, jobs for on a break professionals, jobs for salaried professionals, etc has gained momentum in past few years in India.

Advantage for employers

Part time work culture reduces the cost of hiring for employers;

They have time to judge the candidate on basis of their performance on projects;

They can hire several part timers for same projects at low-cost;

No infrastructure cost required as most of the part timers work from home;

Reduction in overall fixed expenses.

Advantage for Flexi Timers

Part timers can work on multiple projects at a time;

They can work for part-time along with their full-time projects;

It work helps them to gain extra income;

It decreases travelling expenses.

There are number of web portal which helps to find Genuine jobs, some are as listed below.








Mykindofjob is India’s leading online flexitime workplace. This is site where corporate and the jobseekers are on single platform. It has helped number part timers, freelancers, interns, on a break, salaried professionals, retired professionals to get projects based on their skills.

As a jobseeker you have to just create your profile update your details which include personal data, events organised, extra curricular activities, projects submitted, qualification, recommendations, this will help employers to know about you and your suitability for the projects, you can also volunteer for csr programmes.

As an employer, you need to create profile, where you can do job posting on regular basis, promote events, hire volunteer for csr program, you can drop e visiting card.

You can register on these sites and can hire and get hired for work from home, internship, freelance projects.