Love – How to Deal With Many Admirers

If you are in a situation where you see that many men or women feel attracted to you, your position is delicate and quite dangerous, because you may be tempted to have a relationship with more than one, or flirt with all your admirers without ever choosing anyone, which means that you’ll end up alone and frustrated or you’ll agree to having a relationship that you don’t really want just because you need a partner.

Don’t think that the multiple choices you have are really an advantage for you, for many reasons:

– You are not focused and not really analyzing the behavior and the attitude of each one of your admirers with caution

– Your admirers may care only about having sex with you, because they like your body, without caring about your personality, and they won’t have the intention to stay with you for too long

– Your vanity may imprison you in the labyrinth of craziness, making you believe that you are very special and you need a partner as special as you are which will cause you to assume a challenge, trying to conquer a man or woman that doesn’t care for you. You may put all your energy into trying to conquer this person who will never care for you, because you are not their favorite type of man or woman, but your vanity will insist, believing that you can conquer anyone, which means that you’ll acquire a serious neurosis

Nothing is better than a balanced relationship with one person, the person that really cares for you and helps you in your life.

Don’t ever try to have many relationships at the same time, because you’ll enter into a kind of hell. In the end you’ll be hated by everyone and considered a person that no-one can trust.