Qualities Of A Cypress Porch Swing

If you love porch swings and would like a strong, beautiful, and durable piece, a cypress porch swing would be an ideal pick. It is made from cypress wood with is light in color and it very hardy with a good resistance to various elements because of its tight rings. As such, you can place a cypress swing in your garden and leave it there over those wet months and even through the winter and it will still have that sturdy beautiful look. Porch swings are a piece of art that are always a lovely addition to not only the outside but also inside the house. They are almost always hand-made which means there is a lot of care and attention that goes into constructing the cypress swings. The art of making the swings ensures that they are available in various custom-made design, shapes, and sizes.

Choice Of Color For The Swing

Cypress is wood that has very good qualities and come in various colors. Though mostly having a lighter color, you can purchase one that is made with bald, red, or yellow cypress and coating the wood with a good quality water sealant. If these are not your kind of colors you can opt to paint it if you fancy darker colors for your swing. Leaving it to the effects of the various weather elements while done in a natural wood will not damage the wood; however, the wood will lose that rich golden color and have a gray hue.

Different Styles

The image that comes to mind when you think of a porch swing is a seat that has horizontal slat on the base and the back. It has a standard box like shape with a very sturdy finish and strong suspension chains. This is what we can call the “norm.” So, why stick to the norm when looking at a variety of different porch swings? You can settle for the straight top to bottom back that has vertical slats or the horizontal slats on a traditional style of porch swings. Modern swings have not completely deviated from the standard style of construction. With just a touch of modern art, the porch swings are done with horizontal or vertical slat tops that roll backwards and are giving an edgy look using some decorative carvings. Some even have cup holder consoles added to the top.

The Construction And Finish

Most hand-made pieces of furniture are known to be sturdy, beautifully done, and highly durable. These wooden porch swings are usually designed and constructed by a company that will pay close attention to detail ensuring that the wood is brilliantly done with a smooth finish. The construction is mostly put together with screws for a firm structure as opposed to nails. The cypress wood slats are screwed onto the frame that is firmly bolted together using thick, strong, bolts. Being custom designed, the cypress porch swing can be contoured according to your sitting preference.

Ideal anywhere

Just because it is called a porch swing does not mean that it is specifically made for the porch. You can hang these swings anywhere you feel is good just as long as it can fit. The installation is the important part. You should have a strong overhead beam on which to hook up and hang the porch swing. This can be placed in the house, on the porch, patio, deck, or in the garden.

You will enjoy this type of outdoor furniture no matter where you place it. Again, there are many types of cypress to chose from, different styles and designs, so make sure that you shop around. These swings may have a little bit higher price tag because of quality, but it is well worth the price.