List Building – 3 Tips To Build A Profitable Customer List

Your customer list is one of your most valuable and as such needs to be looked after well. Your customer list is your “bread and butter list” and needs to be handled well. However in order to build a profitable customer list, you will need to put some thought into it. There are several ways to build a profitable customer list.

Here are 3:

Drive highly targeted visitors to your website. You can do this by search engines and Google adwords. These 2 promotions will bring many warm ready to buy visitors to your site. These visitors are looking for products like yours and consequently are in a buying mood. The sales conversion rate of these visitors is good. Every visitor that buys will automatically join your customer list.

Building a free newsletter list: These customers originally come to learn more information from your newsletter. However they will very likely be interested in the offers you have in your newsletter. Be careful to only offer 1 or 2 products or services at a time.

Make a squeeze page and point all your advertising to this page. Have a persuasive little piece about your newsletter and how it will help readers. Do not forget to put your subscription box here. When done right this page will bring many subscribers to your newsletter, who will in time become your loyal lifetime customers. When you build business relations with your newsletter subscribers they will have a high sales conversion rate and you will build your customer list like this.