Decorating Your Home With Traditional Braided Area Rugs

Traditional braided rugs and reversible braided rugs have been in use for many years. They come in many sizes and shapes. Most have variations of three to four colors braided into them but these days you can find them in a wide array for colors to match any home or office decor. A combination of deep red, hunter green and beige make for a very attractive floor covering. Brown gray and tan will work perfectly in an office to cover the floor, but still not distract from other elements in the room.

Braided area rugs are very durable and can be used in any type of room. They are beautiful on top of a wall to wall carpet, but they are thick enough to lay on a floor with no padding underneath. They protect floors from scratches as well as from dirt and debris tracked in on shoes. The braided rug is perfect in a child’s playroom to protect the floor from toys dropping to the floor and to protect pretty little heads from falls.

You will find that stains are hardly noticeable in braided area rugs also. The reversible braided rugs add a quick solution to stains as well. Immediately sopping up any excess liquid will help deter stains and following that quickly with water to dilute will remove most of the stain instantly. If there are any remnants of staining, just use a scrub brush and a mild cleanser. The smaller braided rugs can usually be run through a clothes washer and dried in a dryer.

Easily matching almost any decor, braided area rugs are available in many newer colors and work well in any room. They are a sound investment in any home or office decor. Using earth tones will go beautifully with almost any furnishings and bolder colors seem to work well in children’s bedrooms or playrooms. The family room can likely use a heavy carpet on the floor to protect kids when they wrestle around with each other as it helps prevent injuries.

From earth tones to brighter pinks and purples, you can surely use one of these decorating gems around your house. You can be sure they will last many, many years with sturdy dependability. Braided area rugs can even be used outside on decks and patios. If you have at least some over head covering for your deck or patio, you can use a reversible braided area rug directly on the patio or deck. If hard rains do come, you will want to pick the braided area rug up and allow it to air dry. If it is left wet on a concrete floor with no way to breathe they will develop mold and mildew. On a deck, however, the separation of the boards will likely allow enough air through to avoid the problem. The braided area rug is certainly more comfortable to walk on than concrete.

There are many uses for the beautiful reversible braided rugs and braided area rugs; they add color and tremendous comfort to any floor. They can be hung on walls to help soundproof a room which is perfect for your teenager. They aren’t particularly expensive and serve many necessary purposes.